Can You Freeze Hawthorn Berries

Can You Freeze Hawthorn Berries – With the fantastic hot weather we’ve had in the UK this year, all signs point to it being a bumper year for wild fruit.

Freezing berries is the easiest, most convenient and least time-consuming way to preserve them. Properly frozen fruit will retain its fresh flavor and nutritional value.

Can You Freeze Hawthorn Berries

Like most people, we love foraging with kids. Foraging is the search and gathering of wild food. There are many good reasons to forage.

Hawthorn Berries: Gin, Brandy Or Tincture?

Wild foods are much more nutritious than commercially produced crops, and the foods in our hedgehogs are what our ancestors evolved to eat, making them essential to our health. Foraging also allows us to learn, pass on knowledge, and connect with the natural world around us.

Common sense also says that if you completely take away a piece of wild food, you will damage that habitat, so gather only where food is abundant and take the appropriate amount.

Collect and eat wild food and you’re 100% sure you’ve identified correctly. Know what happens where you harvest. Vegetation near busy roads can absorb emissions from vehicles. If nearby fields are sprayed with pesticides, some may also enter wild plants. If water streams are polluted, your native plants will drink that water.

We are very lucky because the farmer who owns the fields near our house is always happy to have his fodder on our land. I still recommend going around with a bowl or bottle, it’s a great way to build a good relationship! Eclectic Hawthorn Berry Freeze Dried Vegetables With Glass, Blue, 50 Count

I have learned over the years that if I pick fruit and wait a few clear days to process it all, I lose the harvest completely. So now I just pick fruit when I’m in the mood and then stick it in the freezer until I’m ready to use it.

Freezing foraged fruits is the easiest, most convenient and least time-consuming way to preserve them. Properly frozen fruit will retain its fresh flavor and nutritional value. Their texture may be softer than fresh fruit because the freezing process damages the cell wall structure.

You may feel like a negative fruit. If you look at recipes for making wine, sloe gin, or rose hip liqueur, most of them will tell you to pick your fruit after the first frost.

They will tell you that you will get a tastier, tastier result. In other words, colors and flavors will enter the barrier more easily due to damage to the cell wall. This means you get the most out of your fruits.

Organic Hawthorn Berry (freeze Dried)

Freezing foraged fruits is ready for cooking, making juices, jellies, hedgehog ketchup, strawberry jams, fruit spirits and wines. With sloes, you don’t have to stick pins in them, and with rose porridge, you don’t have to reduce them until you make jelly or cordial. Freezing the fruit makes it delicious when you’re ready to make your preserves. If you have blackberries but you don’t…freeze them!

Another advantage of freezing prepared fruit is that you often don’t have enough fruit to make a full batch of whatever you want to make. Not all fruits come into season equally. Freezing fruit allows you to store it until you are ready to make a whole batch.

For some great ideas on ways to use up your frozen fruit, please check out our Fruit Leather, Rose Hip and Crab Apple Jelly recipes, and our Fruit Liqueurs. October/November, after the first frost, is also the time to pick frozen berries. . Hawthorn is relatively underutilized as a berry, mainly used for gin or brandy of hawthorn. It can also be used to make jam or jelly. The sloe of camphor gin is much nicer than gin. It’s not sweet and syrupy, in fact it’s more like a fortified wine, like a dry sherry, than a liqueur. It needs to be fed. Hawthorn gin made now will be perfect for next Christmas. If you don’t think you can wait that long, double up – some are getting drunk young this year, others are ripe for the next. Make a batch anyway because it’s so cute!

Arrange the baskets and place them on top. It takes a lot of time, and if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world – but it will lead to pitfalls later and ruin your demon’s clarity. Layer the biscuits and sprinkle a little sugar between the layers. Once you’ve reached the top of the jar (leaving a bit of room to allow for sloshing), fill with cheap gin (the supermarket’s own brand will do). Seal and put in a cupboard. Shake the container every few days.

Hawthorn Berries: Identify, Harvest, And Make An Extract |

After 4 weeks the berries will lose their color and turn into a shade of gin rose. . and discolored moonshine is sufficient.) After waiting, filter into bottles and age for at least another three months. Enjoy the medium!

Hawthorn also has a history as an herb used by herbalists to treat high blood pressure. It is also good for the heart as it has vasorelaxant properties and is high in bioflavonoids – good for your heart too. This is well supported by research. (If you have high blood pressure and are on medication, you do not need to stop taking it. However, by consulting a medical herbalist, you may be able to reduce your dependence on the drug.) The best remedy is a blackberry tincture. The root is basically an herb (in this case, a strawberry) that has been made (soaked) with alcohol. So, swallow gin is a type of tincture. And just like in the old days, just a small amount taken regularly can help keep your heart and blood circulation healthy. Tea made with leaves or berries is also a healthy way to lower blood pressure, especially when combined with lime flowers and leaves.