Can You Take Hawthorn Berries And Metopropl

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Can You Take Hawthorn Berries And Metopropl

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Hawthorn, also known as English hawthorn, belongs to the genus Crataegus, making this prickly and shrub-like perennial a relative of the common rose. Hawthorn produces white flowers in May, earning the plant the additional nicknames of May Tree and May Blossom. After flowering, the plant produces berries called “haas” that resemble small apples. The writings of Gerrard, Culpeper, and other herbalists and physicians of medieval Europe described hawthorn berries as diuretic and recommended them to treat kidney and bladder stones. Today, hawthorn preparations are used to treat congestive heart failure and other coronary disorders such as angina. Designs For Health Htn Supreme

The “Physician’s Desk Reference for Herbal Medicines” lists several active flavonoid compounds in the leaves, flowers, and fruits of hawthorn, particularly the glycosides hyperoside and rutin, which are present in concentrations of 0.28 and 0.17 percent, respectively. The University of Maryland Medical Center says the plant contains oligomeric procyanidins, powerful antioxidants also found in grapes. Because the leaves and flowers are thought to contain more of these flavonoids than the berries, standard hawthorn preparations are now formulated without the berries. However, the dried leaves, flowers and berries are used to make a traditional and somewhat bitter-tasting diuretic herbal tea.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine says there is evidence that preparations made from hawthorn flowers and leaves can effectively treat symptoms of mild heart failure, but study results are conflicting. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, an extract containing compounds from the hawthorn berry, leaf and flower improved blood flow to the heart and exercise endurance in an early study involving people with angina.

Hawthorn may increase the effects of heart medications, including digoxin, beta-blockers, and calcium channel blockers. Hawthorn berry extract specifically reduces the effect of phenylephrine, which is commonly found in nasal decongestants. Although this herb is considered safe in therapeutic doses, you should not self-medicate a serious condition such as heart disease or high blood pressure without medical supervision.

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Karin Meyer is an experienced columnist and feature writer. Since 1992, her work has appeared in Mother Earth News, The Herb Quarterly, Better Nutrition, and many other print and digital publications. She is the author of five books, and has been published in six languages. The therapeutic effects of herbs have been studied for millennia by various cultures around the world. Most people choose natural remedies alone or in combination with prescribed medications. Below, you’ll find information about some of the more widely used herbs and natural supplements, along with their benefits and contraindications.

About: Curcuminoids are responsible for the yellow color in turmeric. Because of their bright yellow color, curcuminoids can be used as food coloring. When used as food additives, their E number, E100, is listed on food labels.

Benefits: Preclinical studies show that curcumin can prevent and treat certain conditions, but these studies have not been proven by clinical trials. In the case of pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee, data in these studies showed that pain relief was similar to the effects of ibuprofen. Safe doses are 12g per day for 3 months.

Available Forms: Curcumin capsules contain piperine, which aids in faster absorption into the bloodstream. Because turmeric inhibits blood clotting, it should not be taken two weeks before surgeries and should not be used with other blood thinning medications such as warfarin and Plavix. Symptoms of gallstones may worsen with the use of curcumin.

Properties And Benefits Of Hawthorn

About: Many parts of the hawthorn plant are used for medicinal purposes, including the flowers, leaves and berries.

Benefits: Antioxidant flavonoids (including OPCs) may help improve blood flow by dilating blood vessels and protect against blood vessel damage. Both human and animal studies show that hawthorn improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and treats certain skin conditions such as boils and ulcers. The plant also improves overall heart health.

Studies show that hawthorn is beneficial for people with heart failure, a condition that prevents blood flow from the heart to other organs in the body. According to some studies, taking hawthorn has improved the ability of people to exercise after heart failure by reducing fatigue and shortness of breath. According to one study, taking 900 mg of hawthorn per day for two months was as effective as low doses of the prescription drug captopril.

A large study conducted on patients with heart failure compared conventional heart failure treatments, including various prescription medications, treatments with hawthorn, and treatments with hawthorn combined with prescription medications. The study found that the plant was effective in 952 patients and significantly reduced symptoms of heart failure (such as palpitations, shortness of breath and fatigue). In patients who took both hawthorn and medication, the amount of prescribed medication was significantly reduced.

Blood Pressure Control Center

Heart failure is a very serious condition, and you should not self-medicate with hawthorn unless your doctor approves!

Preliminary evidence suggests that the hawthorn plant may reduce chest pain, otherwise known as angina, which is caused by poor blood flow to the heart. In the initial study, there were 60 patients