Eat Hawthorn Berries Pregnant

Eat Hawthorn Berries Pregnant – The hawthorn plant has formed the basis of many traditional healing practices around the world for centuries. In fact, the 16th century Chinese medical encyclopedia, Compendium of Materia Medica, noted that hawthorn berries have many health benefits, although they are not toxic or harsh to the body.

By the way, American doctors also used hawthorn berries in the early 19th century to treat circulatory disorders.

Eat Hawthorn Berries Pregnant

“It relieves indigestion, indigestion, and promotes digestion, especially of meaty, fatty and fatty foods,” explains Brandon Yew, Senior Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Real Health Medical clinic in Singapore.

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You can consume this delicious fruit in many forms, including supplements. Learn more about some of the health benefits that hawthorn fruit offers.

Scientists have studied reactive oxygen species (ROS), more commonly known as free radicals, for decades. These destructive molecules damage our cells and come from many sources. Certain lifestyle choices, such as smoking and consuming processed foods, introduce free radicals into our bodies. But even those who live the healthiest lifestyle cannot escape the influence of free radicals from environmental sources such as polluted air and ultraviolet radiation. Besides these external sources, the body also produces free radicals within cells as a byproduct of metabolism. Cells damaged by ROS can die or turn into tumor cells, causing aging, diseases or cancer.

The body needs antioxidants to reduce the effects of free radicals. Hawthorn berry contains polyphenols, which are a natural source of antioxidants such as oligomeric procyanidins and quercetin. These molecules can neutralize ROS and prevent them from damaging cells. Polyphenols are also associated with lower risks of certain cancers, slowing skin aging and preventing diabetes.

The active ingredients in hawthorn berries have shown vasodilating properties that help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure, or hypertension, puts stress on the heart and is a major contributing factor to heart disease. In human studies, improvement in blood pressure was seen in patients with mild hypertension.

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A useful indicator of heart disease risk is the serum lipid profile. A standard blood test usually includes a serum lipid profile. It is a reliable indicator of a person’s likelihood of developing atherosclerosis or hardening of the blood vessels. High levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and low levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) along with high triglyceride (TG) levels are associated with a higher risk of atherosclerosis. Conversely, a low LDL level and a high HDL level combined with a low TG level are associated with a lower risk of atherosclerosis. Hawthorn extract has serum lipid-lowering properties and provides a strong cardiovascular protective effect by lowering TG and LDL levels.

Hawthorn fruit is also known to reduce the risk of heart failure. Numerous studies have shown that the extract shows an overall improvement in heart function when taken with heart failure medications. Another large study suggested that when patients with heart failure took hawthorn berry supplements along with conventional treatments, they could reduce the risk of sudden death associated with heart failure and improve symptoms associated with heart failure.

For centuries, our ancestors have used hawthorn berries to help with gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion. In addition to being high in dietary fiber, they also have prebiotic properties that aid digestion by feeding the good bacteria that live in our guts and improving overall gut health. A study in rats showed that the extract can reduce the time it takes for food to pass through the digestive tract. Indigestion improves when food passes quickly through the digestive tract.

Chronic inflammation is the culprit linked to many modern diseases, including asthma, allergies, arthritis, diabetes and many cancers. A study on mice showed that hawthorn extracts significantly reduced the levels of inflammatory chemicals in the body, which in turn alleviated the symptoms of diseases such as asthma. Other animal studies have also shown that the extract may reduce the risk of atherosclerosis by regulating inflammation.

Hawthorn Berry & Pregnancy

There’s little reason not to include the delicious hawthorn fruit, which has been snacked on and used medicinally for centuries, as part of your diet and enjoy its long list of health benefits. Start preparing delicious meals with hawthorn vinegar. Enjoy sipping a sweet and sour cup of hawthorn berry tea. Or if you are looking for something more convenient, you can consume hawthorn fruit in the form of enzyme powder drink or capsule.

Although hawthorn berry has many benefits, please be careful before throwing these berries into your truckload of lunch! Doctor Badger encourages a more cautious approach for some and awareness of some hawthorn berry side effects. “In terms of TCM, people with poor digestive function due to spleen deficiency should avoid consuming hawthorn berries regularly to aid digestion only. This is because hawthorn berries lack spleen toning properties. Therefore, their use is only a temporary symptomatic treatment. “Overconsumption can further weaken the spleen and, as an unexpected result, lead to a vicious circle,” he says.

“However, it may still be prescribed in very moderate amounts by TCM specialists based on their assessment and diagnosis of the patient’s body composition and medical condition. Because it is acidic, it can damage the stomach lining and cause or worsen stomach ulcers in the long run when taken on an empty stomach. Therefore, it is always highly recommended to be consumed only after meals.”

Doctor Yew also strongly recommends that pregnant women avoid hawthorn berries, as their strong qi and blood circulation effects can potentially cause miscarriage. The same applies to women with unusually heavy and prolonged menstruation, since hawthorn berry can reduce uterine tone, which causes bleeding. Therefore, it helps to promote menstrual flow and relieve menstrual pain and cramps.

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Despite a few side effects to be aware of, hawthorn berry offers many health benefits. It can be especially good for your heart. Try this powerful fruit and discover its benefits for yourself. As with all supplements, consult your healthcare provider before adding a hawthorn berry supplement to your diet.

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Dried hawthorn berries are herbs used to treat high blood pressure and improve cardiovascular function. Some safety concerns regarding the use of hawthorn berries may deter you from using this herb, but the berries contain beneficial health properties such as tannins, flavonoids, and other compounds that work as powerful antioxidants. In fact, antioxidant polyphenols are properties in hawthorn fruits that are responsible for inhibiting plaque-forming cholesterol, according to a 2003 study conducted at the Pasteur Institute in Lille, France. If you are interested in using hawthorn berry, talk to your doctor or pharmacist first.

Hawthorn berries have a sour taste. They are used in jams, jellies, fruit purees and pies. A few of the 200 hawthorn species are dried and their extracts are used in Chinese and evidence-based medicines 3. The propagated dried fruits of the Crataegus shanzha species are regularly used in Chinese medicine to aid digestion. Crataegus monogyna and Crataegus oxycantha are species grown and used to enhance cardiovascular function. Hawthorn berries are carefully harvested for culinary and medicinal use. Do not eat wild hawthorn berries. The seeds of hawthorn berries contain cyanide, a toxin that turns into hydrogen cyanide (a highly toxic gas) in the intestines.

For short-term use, hawthorn has shown clinical efficacy for the prevention and treatment of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. However, the safety and effectiveness of hawthorn for long-term use are still under investigation, according to a peer review published in the 2005 “American Journal of Chinese Medicine.”

Hawthorn berry can cause drug interactions when taken with drugs used to treat high blood pressure. “According to 2010 Lippincott’s Nursing Drug

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