Fermenting Hawthorn Berries

Fermenting Hawthorn Berries – Harvesting hawthorn berries (Crataegus spp.) in late fall can produce a basket of sweet red berries, ideal for a vitamin-rich homemade cordial (Harford, 2020). Blended with seasonal favorites like apple, rosehip (Rosa spp.), and cinnamon (Cinnamomum spp.), this homemade hawthorn berry cordial is sure to delight and soothe.

The hawthorn tree (Crataegus spp.) offers many gifts: leaves, flowers, berries, and some herbalists even use the thorn. Hawthorn supports the physical heart by acting as a cardiac tonic (Easley & Horne, 2016). The berries have a sweet and sour taste (Tilgner, 2009). The most common hawthorn species are Crataegus monogyna, C. oxyacantha and C. laevigata. All hawthorn species have welfare benefits and are used in similar ways (de la Forêt, 2017).

Fermenting Hawthorn Berries

What better way to enjoy the gifts of hawthorn than to create an after-dinner liqueur that can soothe the stomach, open the heart, and help celebrate harvest season? This hawthorn berry cordial recipe is adapted from Alchemy of Herbs by Rosalee de la Forêt. Yield: 2 servings.

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This delicious Hawthorn Berry Cordial calls for brandy, but you can use vodka, rum, or even whiskey when creating homemade cordials (Winter, 2014). For more information on hawthorn (Crataegus spp.), including its history, myths, and uses, see Hawthorn Offerings.

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Winter, C. (2014). DIY: A convivial event – ​​How to make your own flavored liqueurs at home [Online article]. Retrieved from https://inhabitat.com/diy-a-cordial-event-making-your-own-flavored-liqueurs-at-home/

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These nutrient-dense berries have a tangy, tart flavor and mild sweetness. They vary in color from yellow to dark red (

For hundreds of years, people have used hawthorn berry as an herbal remedy for digestive problems, heart problems, and high blood pressure. In fact, the berry has been a key part of traditional Chinese medicine since at least 659 AD. (

Antioxidants help neutralize unstable molecules called free radicals that can harm your body when present at high levels.

Heart Care Hawthorn Berry

Free radicals can come from certain foods. You can also have higher levels of them as a result of exposure to environmental toxins like air pollution and cigarette smoke (

Polyphenols are associated with numerous health benefits due to their antioxidant activity, including a reduced risk of (

Although the initial research in animals and cells is promising, more human studies are needed to assess the effects of hawthorn berries on disease risk.

Summary Hawthorn berry contains plant polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties that have been linked to numerous health benefits.

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Research has found that chronic inflammation is linked to many diseases, including type 2 diabetes, asthma, and certain types of cancer (

In a study in mice with liver disease, hawthorn berry extract significantly decreased levels of inflammatory compounds, leading to reduced liver inflammation and injury (

In one study, researchers administered vitexin, a compound found in hawthorn leaves, to mice with respiratory conditions. This treatment decreased the production of molecules that trigger inflammation and reduced the response of white blood cells to inflammation (

These promising results from animal and test-tube studies suggest that the supplement may offer anti-inflammatory benefits for humans. However, more research is needed.

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Summary Hawthorn berry extract has shown anti-inflammatory potential in test-tube and animal studies. Still, human research is needed.

In traditional Chinese medicine, hawthorn berry is one of the most recommended foods to help treat high blood pressure (

Animal studies show that hawthorn may act as a vasodilator, meaning it can relax constricted blood vessels and ultimately lower blood pressure (

A 10-week study looked at the effects of taking hawthorn extract in 36 people with mildly elevated blood pressure.

Hawthorn: The Heart Healer

The researchers found that those who took 500 mg of the extract daily had reduced diastolic blood pressure, the bottom number in a blood pressure reading (

In a 2006 study, researchers gave 1,200 mg of hawthorn extract to 79 people with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure every day for 16 weeks. People taking the extract experienced more improvements in blood pressure than those in the placebo group (

Still, more studies are needed to support these findings. It’s also important to note that using an extract is not the same as eating the berries.

Summary Some research suggests that hawthorn berries may lower blood pressure by helping to dilate blood vessels. However, more studies are needed.

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Some studies indicate that hawthorn extract can improve blood cholesterol levels thanks to its flavonoid and pectin content. Pectin is a type of fiber involved in the metabolism of cholesterol (

Unbalanced blood cholesterol levels, particularly high triglycerides and low HDL (good) cholesterol, play a role in atherosclerosis, or the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels (

If plaque continues to build up, it could completely block a blood vessel and lead to a heart attack or stroke.

In an animal study, mice given two doses of hawthorn extract had 28 to 47 percent lower levels of total and LDL (bad) cholesterol, as well as 28 to 47 percent lower levels of liver triglycerides, compared to mice who did not receive the extract (

With A Friend Like Hawthorn

Similarly, a 6-week study in rats showed that when rats were supplemented with hawthorn berries, they significantly reduced fasting triglyceride and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels (

Finally, a 6-month study in 64 people with atherosclerosis found that taking hawthorn extract at a dose of 2.3 mg per pound (5 mg per kg) of body weight significantly reduced the thickness of harmful plaque buildup in the carotid artery (

Although this research is promising, more human studies are needed to assess the effect of hawthorn extract on blood cholesterol.

Summary Animal and human research suggests that taking hawthorn extract may help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. However, more research in humans is needed.

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People have used hawthorn berries and extract for centuries to treat digestive problems, particularly indigestion and stomach pain (

Berries contain fiber, which has been shown to aid digestion by reducing constipation and acting as a prebiotic. Prebiotics are foods that nourish and promote healthy gut bacteria, which are vital for maintaining healthy digestion (

An observational study in people with slow digestion found that each additional gram of dietary fiber consumed by people was associated with a 30-minute decrease in the time between bowel movements (

Additionally, a rat study found that hawthorn extract dramatically reduced the intestinal transit time of food through the digestive system (

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In addition, research in rodents suggests that compounds in hawthorn berries could enhance the production and activity of digestive enzymes, that is, those necessary for the digestion of foods rich in fat and protein (

Summary People have used hawthorn berry as a digestive aid for centuries. It can help relieve constipation and improve the production of enzymes needed to digest fatty and protein-rich foods.

Hawthorn berries can help prevent premature skin aging caused by collagen breakdown due to excessive sun or ultraviolet light exposure.

A test-tube study found that a mixture of hawthorn and ginseng extract could prevent signs of aging by inhibiting the formation of wrinkles and increasing skin moisture (

Hawthorn Berry Capsules

Research suggests this effect may be due to the antioxidant content of hawthorn berry. However, research in this area is limited and human studies are needed.

Summary Some research suggests that hawthorn berries may help reduce the signs of aging as a result of their antioxidant content.

In an earlier study of 264 people with anxiety, a combination of hawthorn extract, magnesium, and California poppy flower significantly reduced anxiety levels compared to a placebo. However, it is unclear what specific role hawthorn played (

Hawthorn appears to have few side effects compared to

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