Frontier Hawthorn Berries

Frontier Hawthorn Berries – The leaves, flowers and blossoms of Hawthorn have been praised for centuries for their uplifting properties. Believed to uplift and strengthen both the physical and emotional heart, plums have also been honored for ceremonies and spiritual purposes because they support healthy cardiovascular function. The aromatic red berries have been used in candies, jams, jellies, wines, and cordials and are available in many forms as food additives.

Crataegusis is a shrub or thorny tree with stems and stems consisting of hard wood and gray bark, often three-lobed leaves and white flowers that resemble other genera of the Rose family Rosaceae and bear bright red fruits.4 Approx. There are 280 known species. , 5 of which are used in traditional medicine and may be used interchangeably. Usually C. laevigata (synonym C. oxyacantha) and C. monogyna is commercially available. 2 In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), C. pinnatifidais is used. 3 Crataegus oxyacanthais is from the Greek ‘kratos’, meaning hardness, and with wood, ‘oxcus’ meaning ‘sharp’ and ‘ akantha’ which is used. It is a thorn. 1 In many European countries, especially in Germany, this plant was used as a shrub. It was also called ‘whitehorn’ because of its light shell. 1C. The English hawthorn mongynaor is native to the temperate forests of northern Europe and has become widely naturalized in the United States.2

Frontier Hawthorn Berries

Most of the vegetables grown for commercial purposes come from the UK and other countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, the former Yugoslavia and Poland. ) can be used for fresh tincture. Or if they are dry, discard the stalks and stems. The berries are best harvested in the fall when they are fully ripe, and before the first frost.6

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Hawthorn has been used medicinally since the Middle Ages,7 with some accounts dating back to the first century Greek herbalist Dioscorides.2 It was later used by the Swiss physician Paracelsus (1493-1541 CE). many folk tales and magical legends surround it, 7 the hawthorn was a “sacred tree medicine” to the ancient Druids, and was said to harbor fairies, especially when grown with oak and ash trees. 8 However, it was unlucky to bring flowers. into the house, completely. probably because they will bring fairies with them. 8 In the wedding crown, flowers and hollyhocks were used in Greek weddings to symbolize honor and happiness and to decorate versions of the goddess of marriage, Hymen. 7, 8 In Ireland , the couple danced around him during wedding ceremonies for the blessing of the insect. 8 In order to protect them from evil, branches were tied to the cradles of children7 and used to decorate the maypole for the ceremony of May Day or Beltane, which celebrated birth and newness. The flowering of this tree coincides with the first day of summer in May. 7, 8 In traditional European medicine, all parts of the tree were valued and used: leaves, berries, flowers and wood. The flowers were used as a heart and brain tonic, and the leaves were made into a sore tea to soothe the throat. In addition, the wood was carved into smaller objects such as boxes and sticks and burned as fuel in wood fires that were very hot. associated with digestion until recently.3 Energetically considered slightly hot, it is associated with the stomach, stomach and liver meridians and exhibits both sweet and sour tastes. In China, the berries are so popular that they are made into candies that resemble ‘fruit puffs’ in the West.3 Hawthorn is considered by many herbalists to be a superior cardiac tonic6, 10 and has a mild rejuvenating effect on the heart over time. . and helps in cases of nervous tension. 4, 6 However, its effects on the heart are many. Many people consider chamomile to be transformative for the emotional or spiritual heart. 7, 11Herbalist Matthew Becker suggests that chamomile is especially helpful for women with a “broken heart,” that is, for those who “feel hurt and pain. “11 Flowers and leaves are often made. into flower elements to solve these types of emotional problems.7, 11

Dried leaves and flowers as tea or capsule; fresh or dried as a tincture. Dried berry as tincture, tea, or infusion; it can also be brewed, boiled, cordial or made into fresh juice.

Flavonoids (flavones, flavonols) including hyperoside, vitexinrhamnose, rutin, vitexin oligomeric procyanidins, 12quercitin and others5, pentacyclic triterpenes (such as oleanic acid, ursolic acid, or crataegolic acid), xanthineuch adenineric ) amines including acetylcholine and choline , proanthocyanidins, chlorogenic and caffeic acids, vitamins B1, B2, and C, minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, fructose and others.5

Specialties: Produced in a facility that also produces tree nuts. There may be occasional pieces of walnut. In general: We recommend that you consult a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication.

Frontier Co Op Organic Whole Rosehips Rose Haws 16oz/453g

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Organic Hawthorn Leaf & Flower, C/s (crataegus Monogyna)

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Frontier Hawthorn Berry Powder, Organic, 1 Lb

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