Hawthorn Berries And Squirrels Eat

Hawthorn Berries And Squirrels Eat – My dog ​​and I, walking in the Sleepers, saw a squirrel up in a hawthorn tree, apparently quite far from the tree. The squirrel saw us and was turned off.

“What are you doing there?” I asked but as we got closer I could see that the only reason the squirrel was where it was, perched awkwardly between the highest branches of the hawthorn, was because of the hawthorn’s bright red berries. I asked Google if gray squirrels eat hawthorn berries and Google said red squirrels do but gray squirrels don’t. I couldn’t believe it.

Hawthorn Berries And Squirrels Eat

The next day, I took binoculars and watched a gray squirrel eating fruit on top of a tree. The thin branches bearing fruit bent under his weight but the reward was worth the risk.

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The squirrel saw us a long way off and bolted to his home tree, waddling through the grass with his tail stiff and my dog ​​in pursuit. The dog, unsuccessful but happy, ran back down the clear path that he wore between the oak tree that was the home of the squirrel and the crab: the squirrel had been a regular visitor for some time.

The next time I passed Ogona with my dog, there was no squirrel in the hawthorn but there were many small berries on its upper branches.