Hawthorn Berries German Superbaby

Hawthorn Berries German Superbaby – The giant in armor and the helpless boy. Together, they cross a fascinating world filled with animals, pirates, and distant civilizations… If they stop walking, the land itself forces them forward. WHY? A child cannot ask. He and his guardian have no language, no memory, nothing but each other.

Multiple Eisner nominees SI SPURRIER (X-Men), MATHIAS BERGARA (Coda) and MATHEUS LOPES (Supergirl) present a seminal moment in modern comics: four double-length chapters of a bittersweet fantasy opus, entirely without text. Let’s go for a walk.

Hawthorn Berries German Superbaby

Captured and employed as an assassin for the French government, Killer must adjust to working with a servant, a partner, and living as a civilian.

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A target at hand, city hall clerk Killer and his accomplice Nicholas lead him into a sinister web of corruption throughout the city.

But while Nicholas assures Killer that it’s all for the best, can Killer return to his nihilistic lifestyle free of debt and state associations?

Somewhere in the world there is someone who feels different/special/cursed and is losing their mind right now. You are not alone. Take James for example. He wants to escape from his parents and a life that does not belong to him. Tom, on the other hand, is forced to face his past and hunt his own kind like a dog on a leash to an unknown master. Brennar is on the hunt for money and the peace he can’t find anywhere else. They are three people whose superpowers are more like baggage. There are no superheroes in this world.

SINA GRACE returns to writing and drawing for the first time in five years to deliver the outrageous story of two best friends and their antics in Hollywood, California!

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Rockstar plans the biggest party in the house as a way to cheer up roommate Softboy, but things take a turn for the worse when the dreaded PARTY MONSTER shows up to wreak havoc… share everything!

Natasha Alterici’s HEATHEN returns to a single edition format for its 5th anniversary, a Vault Reserve, definitive collector’s edition featuring new and unique covers and an exclusive back matrix.

Aydis is a Viking, warrior, outcast and self-proclaimed pagan. Aydis is friend of the talking horse Saga, savior of the immortal Valkyrie Brynhild, and warrior of fantastic monsters. Aydis is a woman. Born in a time of war, suffering, and the subjugation of women, she is tasked with ending the tyrannical rule of the god-king Odin.

2021’s hottest new superhero, RADIANT BLACK, kicks off in its first crossover event with the Image Comics debut of INFERNO GIRL RED and the first appearance of ROGUE SUN! Image The future of the superhero world is here!

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Power Rangers: Shattered Grid architects KYLE HIGGINS & RYAN PARROTT, MATT GROOM & FRANCESCO MANNA Marvel’s Ultraman and colorful extraordinaire IGOR MONTI team up for a one-off, extra-length crossover event that can only be called SUPERMASSIVE.

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