Hawthorn Berries Magic

Hawthorn Berries Magic – Hawthorn has long been used in traditional Western herbalism and is beloved for its closeness to the heart. red fruits of

It has been an ingredient in jams, wines, sweets and candies for centuries. Belonging to the rose family, hawthorn is a large shrub covered with sharp thorns. Sometimes spelledhawthorne, the berries are taken fully ripe in autumn before the first frost. Hawthorn berries are often pressed into herbal vinegars and syrups, poured into ginseng tea or used to make a tincture.

Hawthorn Berries Magic

Hawthorn leaves, flowers, and berries have been praised for their heart-uplifting properties for centuries. Believed to uplift and strengthen the physical and emotional heart, hawthorn supports healthy cardiovascular function as it has also been revered for ceremonial and spiritual purposes. The aromatic red berries are used in candies, jams, jellies, wines and desserts, and are widely used as dietary supplements in many forms.

Hawthorn (crataegus Monogyna): A Tree Of Edges, Magic And Heart Healing — A.s Apothecary

A thorny shrub or shrub with stems and trunks of hard wood and gray bark, often with three-lobed leaves and white flowers similar to other genera of the Rosaceae family, and bright red fruits. About 280 species are known, several of which are used in traditional medicine and can be used interchangeably. In general,

Derived from the Greek words “kratos” meaning hardness and referring to wood, “oxkus” meaning “sharp” and “acantha” meaning thorn. In several European countries, particularly Germany, hawthorn was used as a hedge, “haw” being an old term for “hedge”. This bush is also called “white thorn” because of its light bark.

Most of the hawthorn grown commercially comes from the UK and other countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, the former Yugoslavia and Poland. Collect flowering branches in spring, as all parts (leaves, twigs, thorns, flowers) can be used for new infusions. Or, if it dries, discard the stems and thorns. The fruits are best harvested in autumn when they are fully ripe and before the first frost.

Hawthorn has been used since the Middle Ages, with some accounts dating back to the first century Greek herbalist Dioscorides. It was later used by the Swiss physician Paracelsus (1493-1541 AD). An iconic tree with many folktales and magical legends surrounding it, hawthorn was a “sacred tree medicine” for the ancient Druids and was said to house fairies, especially when planted with oak and ash trees. However, it was unlucky to bring flowers home, perhaps they would bring the fairy folk with them. Hawthorn branches and flowers were added to wedding wreaths at Greek weddings to ensure chastity and prosperity, and were also used to decorate the ceremonies of worshiping the goddess of marriage – Hymen. In Ireland, couples who wish to receive the hawthorn’s blessing dance around it during their wedding ceremonies. Twigs were attached to cribs to protect newborns from evil, and were also used to decorate maypoles for the May Day or Beltane ceremony, which celebrated fertility and renewal. The flowering of this tree coincided with the first day of summer, which happened in May.

Hawthorn Berry Brownie Cake W/ Hawthorn Berry Buttercream Frosting

In traditional European medicine, all parts of the tree were valued and used: leaves, berries, flowers and wood. The flowers have been used as a heart tonic and diuretic, while the berries and leaves have been made into an astringent tea to soothe the throat. Bright red sumptuous berries are also transformed into a delicious brandy cordial. It was also carved into smaller objects such as wooden boxes and combs and burned as fuel to produce very hot wood fires.

Hawthorn, or “shanja,” has been used in TCM since ancient times, but most of its historical uses were related to digestion until recently. It is associated with the Spleen, Stomach, and Liver meridians and is considered slightly hot in energy, reflecting sweet and sour tastes. Nowadays, it is also used to support the cardiovascular system, and in fact the berries are so popular in China that they produce hawthorn candies similar to Western “fruit rolls”.

Hawthorn is considered by many herbalists to be a superior heart tonic. However, its effects on the heart are many. Many consider hawthorn to be transformative for the emotional or spiritual heart as well. Herbalist Matthew Becker says that hawthorn is especially good for women with “broken hearts,” meaning women who are “wounded and in pain.” Often the flowers and leaves are turned into flower essences to help with these types of emotional problems. Hawthorn is energetically a bit hot and sour and sweet in taste.

Precautions Note that hawthorn berries sometimes form a white film on the berry. It is natural sucrose ripened in the outer skin. We recommend consulting a qualified physician before using herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications.

Hawthorn Berries Crataegus Pinnatifida Organic Dried Fruit

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My approach to working with plants is one of “feeding”, a symbiotic relationship of giving to each other. They feed us and we respond to them. They are always there for guidance and healing when times are tough and when illness strikes, but I don’t just call on them when I need a “healing” but I do it daily with the plants. I prefer to feed.

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Hawthorn is such a magical tree, and I believe that, like all plants, the deepest gifts and healings they give us come not only from their physical properties, but from their life lessons, their historical relationships with and with our ancestors. energetic drug.

A vivid example of this is how Hawthorn has long been celebrated by our ancestors for its ability to connect material reality with the spiritual world. Hence why it is known to be sacred to the Fae and why one of the folk names for hawthorn berries is ‘Pixie Pear’, I have also read that roses are also known depending on where you are in the UK. same name, which is exciting because we usually harvest them at the same time and so all our daily food becomes “Products from the Pixies”, rose and hawthorn also heal the heart and so it makes perfect sense to me .

Two plants from the same family have long brought much joy and comfort to people through connection and heart-based practice.

The hawthorn tree alone is also known as the “Faeria Tree” because it is a portal to the spirit world, and personal contact with these trees can help you develop your connection to other realms.

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There is one outside our kitchen window, hugging the river bank, tall, covered with moss and with branches that weep in such a way that it looks like the most beautiful head of hair.

Folklore believed that witches could turn themselves into a hawthorn tree, and if I could turn myself into a beautiful tree like her, I would be too. She is magical and I like to think of her as one of the many hedge witches that have blessed our beautiful home over the years.

We have upheld the tradition of celebrating it and started decorating it with wishes/prayer ribbons on special days. This would have done in every village, especially around Beltane. Every time we visit a new village, I live in hope that this tradition is still going strong somewhere, I have seen many yew wishes, but no hawthorn yet. .

Hawthorn love is magic, and its magic is LOVE, which is strongly associated with romance, fertility, and loyalty. I promise to share it with you another day, but its ability to heal the physical heart is why I am sharing the ketchup recipe with you today. Finding different ways to incorporate plants into your daily diet is the most fun!

Celtic Month Of Hawthorne: May 13

I regret that the “hearts” on both sides of my family were not as strong as they should have been. I know we are not alone in this, as if we are now a community of anxious beings looking for ways to unite our fragile hearts. Recurring heart defects, heart attacks and genetic cholesterol imbalances in my family means that