Hawthorn Berries Magical Uses

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My approach to working with plants is one of ‘feeding’, a symbiotic relationship of giving to one another. They nurture us and we nurture them in return. They are always there to guide and heal when times are tough and illness looms, but I prefer the approach of daily nurturing with plants, not just calling on them when a “cure” is needed.

Hawthorn Berries Magical Uses

Hawthorn is such a magical tree, and I think that, like all plants, some of the deepest gifts and healing they can give us comes not just from their physical properties, but from their life lessons, their historical relationships with our ancestors and your energy medicine.

Hawthorn Berry Capsules

A perfect example of this is how Hawthorn has long been celebrated by our ancestors for its ability to connect the material realm with the spiritual realm. Hence why it’s known to be sacred to the Fae and why one of the popular names for hawthorn berries is ‘Pixie Pears’, I’ve also read that depending on where you are in the UK rosehips are also known for their same name, which is exciting because we normally harvest them around the same time and so all our daily food becomes ‘Provisions of the Pixies’, both Roses and Hawthorn are healers of the heart, and that makes perfect sense to me.

Two plants, from the same family, that over time have brought so much joy and comfort to people through connection and heart-based practice.

A single standalone Hawthorn tree is also known as a ‘Faerie Tree’ because it is a gateway to the spirit realm, and a personal connection to these trees will help you to nurture your connection to the other worlds.

We have one outside the kitchen window, leaning against the bank of the river, she is tall, covered in moss and her branches weep in such a way that she seems to have the most beautiful hair.

Hawthorn: The Heart Healer

In folklore, witches were believed to transform into brambles, and if I could transform myself into a tree as beautiful as she is, I would. She’s magic, and I like to think she’s one of the many witches who, like me, have blessed our beautiful home over the years.

We started the tradition of celebrating it by decorating it with wish/prayer ribbons on special occasions. This is something all villages would once have done, especially around Beltane. Every time we visit a new rural village, I live in the hope that this tradition is still going strong somewhere, I’ve seen lots of yews but still no hawthorn. .

Hawthorn’s love is magical, and his magic is LOVE, closely associated with romance, fertility, and commitment. I promise to share more about this with you another day, but your physical heart-healing ability is why I shared the ketchup recipe with you today. Finding different ways to put plants in your daily meals is the best fun!

I am sad to say that the ‘hearts’ on both sides of my family were not as strong as they should have been. I know we’re not alone in this, it seems we are now a society of anxious beings, all desperately looking for ways to mend our tender hearts. The recurring heart defects, heart attacks, and genetic cholesterol imbalances in my family mean that “on paper” my heart is “high risk” and so I make sure mine is nourished daily, and the beautiful heart-strengthening medicine Hawthorns heart is my best friend.

With A Friend Like Hawthorn

The antioxidant compounds found in hawthorn flowers, leaves, and berries mean it’s a beautiful way to treat various heart conditions, and best of all, it’s taken regularly as a preventative.

Strengthening of blood vessels and collagen in the body, which allows to heal coronary artery damage and valve deficiency. Hawthorn also lowers unhealthy cholesterol and high blood pressure.

The berries are calming and relaxing, and both the berry and the flower can be used to help with anxiety, conditions of fear and sadness. When you’re in pieces, Hawthorn holds your heart in his hands and slowly but surely puts you back together.

The Hawthorn berry recipe I’ve shared below is for a hotter, spicier, and sweeter flavor than a traditional ketchup, but it’s delicious and a healthy treat. It’s very sweet, but it’s made without refined sugar, so it’s almost guilt-free.

Hawthorn Berries Crataegus Pinnatifida Organic Dried Fruit

This recipe is enough for a small pot, you can make more, it just depends on how bountiful your hawthorn berry crop was.

I adapted this recipe from the wonderful ‘Gather Victoria’, with what we had growing/& in our pantry. Hope you can do the same, and let us know how you do so we can start a Hawthorn Ketchup Recipe Club!

We believe that learning and healing with plants is our birthright, a memory. What was second nature to our ancestors becomes a liberating and empowering form of self-healing. If we heal ourselves, we heal the nature we came from.

Plants are our oldest and wisest ancestors, and we hope that by sharing the journey of our own wanderings along the plant path, you can take steps towards yours.

Mother Holle Cloud Tart W/ Cranberry & Hawthorn Berry Curd

Please always do your own research, identify your plants correctly and cross-reference any plant identification at least twice.

Any information provided on our website and newsletters is not a medical reference, but a source of information. Use of any herb or derivative is entirely at the reader’s own risk.

The information provided by our website and newsletter is not a substitute for face-to-face consultation with your doctor and should not be interpreted as medical advice. All information provided is based on Kintala Flowers’ personal opinions and research. many hearts need physical and emotional nourishment. That’s when we herbalists love to praise hawthorn, one of nature’s hardy trees and the most used plants in Western herbalism to promote heart health.* Beloved the world over since the times of the ancient Chinese, Greeks and Native Americans, hawthorn remains a staple in herbal apothecaries as a tonic and natural support for all things heart related.

Spp.) consists of over 280 species whose dense, thorny, deciduous trees thrive in temperate climates. A member of the rose family, the plant blooms clusters of pink or white flowers in late spring, which then give way to red berries, called “haws”, in late summer. Our herbalists use the leaves, flowers and haws of

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Or “hawthorn from a seed”, for use in our hawthorn with hibiscus tea – an important species in Traditional European Herbal Medicine. Native to Europe, Asia, and North America, hawthorn often gathers in thick hedges, used throughout history for its strength to encircle pastures and meadows. In fact, historians claim that the ancient hedgerows in the Normandy region of France were so robust that they made WWII D-Day Battles even more challenging. Some hawthorn plants can live up to 200 years.

Hawthorn lends its innate resilience to the circulatory system in countless ways. As healthy as it is tough, herbalist Rosemary Gladstar writes that hawthorn leaves, leaves, and flowers contain beneficial flavonoids and procyanidins “to nourish and tone the heart.” Flavonoids help promote daily wellness and heart health, while procyanidins, like condensed tannins, add a protective benefit much like red wine grapes. Additionally, herbalists believe that hawthorn’s energetic properties can help lift the spirits of heartbreak and pain.

First praised by the ancient Greek physician Dioscorides in the first century AD. and in the ancient Chinese herbal, Tang-Ben-Cao

In 659 AD, hawthorn has since held an affectionate place in the hearts of herbalists. In addition to herbal medicine, hawthorn has also played a role in herbal folklore to ward off evil spirits. To protect newborn babies from harm, the Romans hung hawthorn branches from cribs. Other heathens would string hawthorn flowers into garlands for use in May Day celebrations. Early Christians associated the plant with Jesus’ crown of thorns and hung it on doors for protection during the Middle Ages.

Magical Uses Of Herbs

Whether physical, emotional or spiritual, hawthorn herbs’ powers seek to protect and support matters of the heart. Delicious served piping hot, or even hot and served over ice, our Hawthorn with Hibiscus Tea offers a bright red berry flavor. With or without Valentine’s Day, you can give your Valentine’s Day a whole new twist with this heartfelt herb!

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