Hawthorn Berries Mead

Hawthorn Berries Mead – I am very lazy when it comes to cooking wild food. A lot of fun for a little effort is the way to eat. So here are ideas for making small batch mead that doesn’t require equipment or effort and added yeast – what’s naturally floating. It’s a universal system that allows you to make all your models and tweaks using whatever happens during the season. Since you are a small group, you don’t need to spend a lot of time, resources or money on honey.

If you thought mead was for people who wore capes and/or thought they were Vikings, think again. Before I made my own I thought all mead was sweet. Most of the commercial ones are. But it can be as sweet or dry or bitter as you like. Never one to go past the hot pigs, I served one of my first dishes to a group of high-class Edinburgh barmen and they loved its delicious balance, bitter and pungent of aromatic herbs. This was not due to great knowledge on my part. Every batch I’ve done has been fun in some way but this is because of the bees and the plants, and the magic of fermentation, not me. Look at it to make a cocktail, slowly, and with a few thousand little helpers. It’s one of my favorite walks in life.

Hawthorn Berries Mead

It’s over with luck. Now combine the two in the oven, or another empty container, with a ratio of 1 part honey to 3 and 8 parts water. The higher the honey content, the more intoxicating your food will be. I recommend starting with 1 to 4 parts honey or 5 parts water for a sweet-strength wine of 10-15% ABV. (I’m guessing there – I haven’t measured it yet – but it tastes there). It helps if the honey is warmed before mixing – above room temperature – but not hot.

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There is a great rhythm and custom to making mead. Mix honey and water vigorously at least every day, preferably more often. Use a cyclonic motion that draws air into the liquid. You should be aware that it creates a headache. Keep it at room temperature without closing the lid. This allows the natural wild yeasts to mix the solution, and prevents the pressure from being compressed. If you go up, demi-johns and airlocks will be good, but I prefer to stick to small groups, each one as a test.

My friend Andrew “Meadmaster” McFarlane, who keeps bees and makes (and drinks) a lot of mead, recommends stirring in a bit of heather root. (See his blog here). This will soon become your “magic wand”. As it takes native ferment plants it can be used to transfer auxiliary yeasts from batch to batch. I keep my calls in ferments between conflicts. It will become, in every way, your magic wand, so Harry Potter fans may wish to make one decorated with phoenix feathers or unicorn pubes. The heather root feels mythical enough to me.

After a week you should notice that the mixture is boiling. Don’t be discouraged if it seems like you’re not doing anything – just increase your motivational efforts and make sure it’s kept at a warm temperature. I’ve never had one fail.

Mead is fine when you say yes – it will depend on your tastes and your tolerance. As the sugar turns into alcohol, the mead will taste sweeter and more alcoholic. Mine (usually about 1:5 proportions) reach a balance of booziness and dryness after about 3 to 4 weeks, at which point I put them in sealed bottles and refrigerate to reduce boiling and prevent explosion. However, remember that unless you have completely fermented it to stand still, the body will continue to ferment and change, so keep checking and relieving pressure, and open bottles carefully so that don’t lose half of your precious ingredients.

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When the mead is “alive” the mouth feel should be steady and full of life. You will love it. Once fully fermented, it won’t have the same strength, but I’m told that mead usually gets better with age. Good luck with that, I prefer to drink mine when they’re full of pizazz and I haven’t been able to stick to them for more than a few weeks. Kick ass. Be careful when you open them

All this will make you a “basic mead”, and a very good one at that. But the real joy and fun of foraging comes when you start infusing your plants with wild plants – then you can strangely call it “Herbal Elixir Mead”, it grows a very long beard and then he starts wearing capes.

Rinse the plant before bottling. Play around and see what works best for you. Your mistakes will be fun, and your successes are too good to share!

My best results come from strong aromatic bitter plants like tansy*, hops (both of which taste like candy store mead), meadowsweet (which is actually named after its traditional use in making mead), mugwort, meu (aka spignel) and small conifer needles.

Easy Mead Recipes For Beginners

These suit my palette, but you can play with anything you like, including soft fruits, roots, seeds and fungi (chaga and coconut milkcap mead was interesting). I really like the cold infusion of shoots and flowers, and the hot infusion of fir needles – which is probably one of the best drinks I’ve ever tasted.

You can turbo-charge your mead by using birch sap instead of water. Since birch sap is at least 98% water, some would say it doesn’t make a difference in taste. Many who say this will have just read it in a book, others may miss the point: all the joy, strength and goodness contained in birch sap is already in your place, without whether you can taste the difference or not. Personally, that makes me very happy.

Many of my favorite techniques have come from what I call “alliterative brewing”. So mugwort, meu and meadowsweet came out well, as did heather with hops and spruce with sorrel. Let me know about your favorite alliterative meads.Mead maker Jeremy Kyncl pours a tasting glass of Hawthorn Tulsi Mead, a blend of hawthorn berries and holy basil, in Whidbey’s new Hierophant Meadery tasting room. Photo by Kira Erickson/South Whidbey Record

Herbalists Jeremy Kyncl and Michelle Scandalis started making mead in Mead, Wash., a designated community about 10 miles north of Spokane.

How To Make Mead Easily Using Wild Plants

The serendipitousness of that is not lost on them. Whether it’s their love for dogs and being close to a dog park, or the location of their first tasting room in Green Bluff – also in Eastern Washington – and their new location is close to the beach of Double Bluff beach in South Whidbey.

The couple returned to Western Washington about two years ago and came to Whidbey, choosing it for its agricultural tourism, or agritourism, its potential.

With honey serving as one of the main ingredients of mead, Scandalis and Kyncl provide delicious products from beekeepers across the country, helping to boost local economies and regeneration efforts. agriculture.

On the other hand, using their knowledge from their herbal science degrees, the couple has been busy creating a pollinator reserve by planting local plants to the bees scatter them.

Make Wild Foraged Mead Like A Viking

The hierophant, Scand-alis explained, is a word that comes from ancient Greece and means someone who shows or reveals the holy or sacred.

“Honey bees show us something very important with their decline,” he said, adding that this was the motivation to focus on producing mead over other types of alcoholic beverages. fermented.

“It’s boiling sugar that you can never get tired of playing with because even the same hive in the same place, the same fall versus the same year, the pollen flow is different. too much,” Scandalis said.

“You’re tasting the living things in the honey, the whole environment that produces this delicious flavor,” he said, adding that he also sees mead as a way to help the palate continue to grow. check for bitter and sour taste.

How To Serve Mead

Scandalis believes that Hierophant Meadery is one of the few commercial establishments that can infuse this drink with botanicals, a historic metheglin method of making mead. He finds mead a good way to experiment with medicinal plants.

Some of these infusions include ingredients such as lavender, rose petals, poplar leaf buds, tree resin, nettles, dandelion root and even the tips of Douglas fir tree branches and mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest.

“We were always doing all kinds of interesting things in college,” Scandalis said, “and to go into business with it, I feel like it’s the best job in the world.”

Hierophant Meadery started in 2012, and since then, the offerings have been growing. Hierophant Whidbey, on Double Bluff Road in Freeland, opened this month.

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All mead production has moved from Green Bluff to a new 2,000-square-foot facility in Whidbey, complete with a tasting room that offers.