Hawthorn Berries Opinie

Hawthorn Berries Opinie – The sea buckthorn berry: a ridiculously frustrating fruit Search for this coastal delicacy – but don’t forget your glasses and secateurs

It’s a ridiculously frustrating fruit, a superfood, the trendiest thing in some restaurants since the goat and beet salad. And it grows like a weed around our coastal areas. Meet the sea buckthorn berry. It is a service for the environment and a vitamin C boost against winter colds. But first you need to get yourself a set of goggles, secateurs and a good pair of thick gloves.

Hawthorn Berries Opinie

Niamh Ní Cholmain just gave me that on North Bull Island in Dublin Bay. The safety glasses feel like overkill. Then I reach out and try to pick one of the bright orange berries on the thicket of sea buckthorn. There is a two-inch razor-sharp thorn to get past. Then the berry explodes with a bit of bright orange juice before coming off the stem.

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There are hundreds of these sap explosions on the plant, as bright orange as little pumpkins, clustered along the woody branches like holly berries. The berries hold well, but have a thinner skin. So the tug you need to free them squashes them into a messy mass.

“The Greeks fed it to horses to give them a silky coat,” explains Ní Cholmain, who works as Dublin City Council’s biodiversity officer. So Rene Redzepi didn’t invent sea buckthorn. Although the Danish chef championed it in his Copenhagen Restaurant, Noma, after reading about it in a military survival manual. Now it is on the Danish supermarket shelves in yogurt and smoothies. Ní Chholmain is less starstruck by it. “I call a horse from a plant.”

Sea buckthorn arrived through golf course gardeners who planted it to stabilize the dunes and provide a wind break.

“It’s a foreign invasive plant and when it got here it said ‘happy days’ and took over. It thrives in poor soil because it fixes nitrogen from the air. It has roots that go underground and then emerge as raspberry runners, she says.

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Then it turns into a dense impenetrable thicket under which nothing can grow. Here on North Bull Island, the bog, home to the town’s rarest butterflies and orchids, is threatened by this coastal bully.

The sea buckthorn loves harsh conditions. Cutting it down only encourages it more. At this time of year the birds gobble up the berries. Birds have been seen drunkenly falling off fences after feasting on the fermented juice. And when they are eaten by birds, the seeds start new plants, which spread further across the island. “We are challenged by it. We cannot use leaf sprays. We can’t come in and dig it out of the ground, and we can’t cut it back during nesting season.” So the City Council is asking citizen environmentalists to come pick berries and then cut the plants back to the stem. Then the Council will inject the trunks with glyphosate to kill them.

Ní Cholmain is off to meet a group from the Coolmine Therapeutic Community who want to hack back the sea buckthorn, and I’m left to fend for myself. The good news is that sea buckthorn berries are packed with vitamin C. The bad news is that it doesn’t taste good. There is a musty sourness to the berries that fills the car on the way home. It’s like the smell of autumn leaves or old socks, depending on how unromantic you want to get.

You don’t so much pick berries as cut lengths of berry-covered twigs and bag them. Then the secret is to freeze them. When frozen, the berries are sweeter (not much sweeter. We’re not talking Jelly Tots here). And they snap neatly off the branch.

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After 20 minutes of cutting and unpacking the twigs, I have collected about 2 kilos of fruit. Once you have picked and frozen your berries, you can use them in their raw state or cook with them. I stir them frozen into porridge. They melt quickly and burst, turning the porridge a cheerful orange.

To make a syrup, I scooped 500g of frozen berries and brought them to a gentle boil in a saucepan, then strained them through a clean tea towel in a sieve into a bowl, squeezing the last of the pulp to extract 400ml juice. To 200 ml of the juice I added 100 g of sugar and stirred it on low heat for about 10 minutes. I put the syrup in a scalded jar in the fridge.

I tried another, even nicer version, with 100ml of maple syrup added to the remaining 200ml of juice along with a teaspoon of cinnamon for a browner, richer syrup. With more sugar and lemon, you can easily make sea buckthorn set jelly. And then there’s the honor-level cooking: Redzepi’s Noma recipe for turning sea buckthorn into fruit leather. I will leave that to the experts.

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