Hawthorn Berries Tea Uses

Hawthorn Berries Tea Uses – Hawthorn berries are a group of tree plants in the Rosaceae native to temperate regions of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. Some parts of the Middle East consider the plant sacred. Many historians believe that it may have been the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified. In this article, you will discover 5 great benefits of hawthorn berries.

This herb is known as one of the greatest natural substances to improve cardiovascular function. Hawthorn has been approved as a cardiovascular adjuvant by Commission E, an important department of the German government that researches and approves naturopathic remedies (1, 2).

Hawthorn Berries Tea Uses

It is widely used in Europe to improve the circulation, treat angina pectoris, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias and congestive heart failure. It is known for its ability to strengthen the heart and blood vessels and restore healthy muscles to the heart wall.

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Hawthorn berries contain a variety of powerful antioxidant nutrients. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress and tissue damage in the body. The unique blend of antioxidants found in hawthorn comes from a group of phytonutrients (3). These include tannins, flavonoids, proanthocyanidins and phenolic acids. Standardization of hawthorn products is based on total content of flavonoids (2.2%) and proanthocyanidins (18.75%).

Hawthorn berry has been well studied in patients with congestive heart failure (4, 5). Five of the six major studies performed showed dramatic improvements in symptoms (eg shortness of breath and fatigue).

One study found that hawthorn (900 mg/day) for 2 months was as effective as low-dose captopril (the main cardiac drug) in improving common symptoms associated with congestive heart failure (6).

Hawthorn’s unique antioxidant blend creates a powerful vasodilator effect. It serves to improve vascular endothelial function to the point where blood vessels can open with less resistance. This allows more blood flow in the working tissue and improves oxygen utilization. This is mainly due to the flavonoids rutin and vitaxins along with proanthocyanins (7, 8).

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Hawthorn improves the metabolism of heart cells and improves the flow of electrolytes through the heart cells. This prevents or corrects heart rhythm abnormalities and strongly recommends a healthy heartbeat.

Hawthorn contains flavones that enhance the function of certain heart enzymes. This effect increases the heart’s contractile force, effectively increasing the amount of stroke, while increasing the heart’s tolerance to hypoxia (9). It also improves the heart’s ability to produce energy through anaerobic metabolism, which improves the heart’s ability to withstand stress.

Hawthorn also plays a role in inhibiting ACE (giotensin-converting enzyme). Elevated ACE causes an increase in angiotensin II and systemic vasoconstriction. This process raises blood pressure.

By regulating ACE levels, hawthorn helps normalize blood pressure and reduce stress on the cardiovascular system. It takes 2 to 4 weeks for the body to adapt to hawthorn and to have a lasting effect on blood pressure (10, 11, 12).

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Hawthorn also helps protect joints with its unique blend of antioxidants. These phytonutrients block certain types of free radicals known to damage tissue collagen that leads to arthritis conditions. Natural remedies that support healthy collagen improve the health of your joints, skin, hair and nails.

When obtaining hawthorn fruit, eat the whole plant, including leaves, flowers, and berries. The berries contain more proanthocyanins, and the flowers and leaves contain more vitexins. The most effective way to consume hawthorn when fresh is not available is to dry it and grind it. Here’s the dried version, which is a blend of hawthorn and cousin hibiscus into organic tea.

Consume fresh plant or dried form in a shake or tea daily. Due to its antioxidant and cardiovascular-strengthening effects, it is recommended to be used before or after exercise. This improves oxygen flow, improving athletic recovery and removing free radicals from damaged tissue.

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Hawthorn Facts And Health Benefits

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Essential Health Benefits Of Hawthorn Berry

With ancient mystical knowledge that is a part of history and a modern reputation as a hub for physical and emotional support, our hawthorn berry tea offers a well-founded way to enjoy the magic of a glass.

Like other berry teas, hawthorn tea provides important nutrients that nourish the body in several ways. A blend of leaves and berries, this tea does not finish like other berry teas. Its taste is more like a medicinal brew rather than a fruit tea with meaning because it is regularly used in Chinese medicine. Rich in antioxidants, this tea also imparts anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These qualities and more make hawthorn tea the perfect choice for those looking for an exciting and convenient way to add natural nutrition to your life.

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