Hawthorn Berries, Whitaker Md

Hawthorn Berries, Whitaker Md – Glen Kernan Golf & Country Club, 4567 Swilcan Bridge Ln N, Michael J & Tammy M Keys, $949,900

Aphora Coach Homes At Marina San Pablo, 14427 S Marina San Pablo Pl, Robert D Hines Living Trust, $1,100,000

Hawthorn Berries, Whitaker Md

Queens Harbor Yacht & Country Club, 13874 Bella Riva Ln, Paul C & Gail M Pershes Revoc Trust, $1,400,000

The 800 Award

Queens Harbor Yacht & Country Club, 13897 Bella Riva Ln, Irving G Jr & Janet D Snyder, $2,775,000

The Villas At Marsh Landing Condo, 1800 The Greens Way 308, John D & Susan W Caruso, $224,200

The Villas At Marsh Landing Condo, 1800 The Greens Way 406, Harmony S & Trent S Strohm Revoc, $231,000

South Shore Condo Of Jax Beach, 1551 First St S 701, Joseph W & Lori M Pihl, $449,000

Preseason All Americans And All Region Teams

This is a list of the real estate subdivisions and single-family homes and condominiums purchased during the period shown. Details are subject to warranty installation and not closing. Subdivisions, addresses or lot identification numbers often appear as they do in court records.

NOTE: Reports often include component names. In some cases, instead of the name of the division, you will see the word “metes and meeli.” This means that the land has been surveyed using measurements and boundary markers.

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