Is Hawthorn Berries And Milk Thistle Extract Good When You Are On Your Period?

Is Hawthorn Berries And Milk Thistle Extract Good When You Are On Your Period? – Hawthorn is often categorized in ancient herbal literature as “exhilarating” – greatly uplifting to the spirit. Along with rose, vanilla, vetiver, and others, hawthorn is a great “rescue remedy.” Whether it’s sadness after a deep loss or just seared, seared darkness and doom, Hawthorn can help. I love making an elixir of hawthorn tincture, elderflower liqueur and rose honey with some reishi extract to ground the sweetness a bit. It’s a precious sweet medicine to lift you up in painful times! Hawthorn also blends beautifully with Vanilla, Calamus, and Wood Betony for a deep, grounded calm and clarity.

Hawthorn is such a protective plant, physiologically and emotionally! Of course we think of the berries and their many heart support properties, but I also think of the thorns when I think of the medicine of hawthorn. in the

Is Hawthorn Berries And Milk Thistle Extract Good When You Are On Your Period?

, MacKinnon mentions that hawthorn trees evolved their thorns not as protection against today’s grazers – deer are quick and can easily nibble between the thorns – but as protection against the giant sloth. The name might sound like a teddy bear whose lap you could sit on, but the giant sloth was actually a rather huge and impressive four-ton creature. The protective aspect of Hawthorn is like this: if you need emotional protection from really, REALLY big things, Hawthorn has you covered.

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These heart-supporting hawthorn berries are bursting with antioxidants, which is exactly what you want to help repair damage in the circulatory system. Much of this damage is caused by “free radicals” (which sounds more like a hippie band than a molecular structure!), which leave wounds on the artery walls that need to be scabbed in order to heal – enter cholesterol! In fact, cholesterol performs many important functions in the body – especially in the cardiovascular system, it helps to heal internal wounds. But too many internal wounds with big clumps of cholesterol “scabs” are definitely NOT good for you. Antioxidants to the rescue: They scavenge the free radicals and protect you from those artery wall injuries, which means your cholesterol stays lower because you don’t need as many crusts. A very common source of dietary free radicals are oils used in snack foods and processed foods. So sip hawthorn berry tea and cut down on Cheetos and you’re on your way to a healthier cardiovascular system!

Hawthorn berries also have pectin – in fact, hawthorn berries are the most pectinous thing I know. That’s great if you’re making jam, but that’s not all: pectin is a prebiotic, meaning it’s food for your probiotic friends! Hawthorn has a long history of helping with grief and sadness and depression because of its connection to the heart and its invigorating effects. But now science is recognizing the powerful connection between gut flora and mental health, and Hawthorn shares those connections. Hawthorn has potent effects directly on the heart and cardiovascular tissue, and ALSO promotes a strong, healthy gut flora – two great things that work together to elevate your spirits and strengthen your heart!

I love putting hawthorn in cranberry sauce. It is better to boil and sift the hawthorn berries separately, because they have large pips. Then I add them to organic Cape Cod cranberries, raspberries we pick at a local farm, some apples, ghee, cinnamon, vanilla, a little Vermont maple syrup, and a squirt of water to keep them from burning. I often add orange peel and fresh baby ginger as well. Quickly canned and refrigerated, this cranberry sauce will last up to a year, although we usually eat it faster!

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