Magical Properties Of Hawthorn Berries

Magical Properties Of Hawthorn Berries – Hawthorn is known as a “heart herb,” ​​and while that’s true, the plant is much more than a heart muscle restoration tonic. Throughout European magic and fold medicine, Hawthorn was known as a Hedge’s protective and purifying herb. Hawthorn’s energy and spiritual medicine also works to heal the heart.

Across Europe, its name is often a variation of “haw”, “hedge” or “white” followed by throne. In Swedish it is

Magical Properties Of Hawthorn Berries

It was – and still is – associated with purification, cleansing, fertility, and protection of the sacred.

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Its thorns are a reminder that there is protection for the vulnerability of feeling a wounded heart and that there is a sensitive, open heart.

A hawthorn tree unique to the British Isles is known as the Fairy Tree, and cutting one is considered bad luck. Road construction in Ireland considers the presence of the Fairy Tree, if the tree is in the proposed path the road will be redirected (sometimes costly and labor intensive) so that the tree is not removed. Hawthorn apple.

Medically, Hawthorn is known as a “heart herb”. Most of the time I cringe when I hear herbs being put to a single use or body system, and I also try to challenge myself not to speak that way. Herbs are complex and have many applications: they are not a single pharmaceutical application. Nor do I believe that we should assign an herb based on what it is “good for”.

Hawthorn is more than just a heart-healthy herb, rightly so. It also acts on the digestive, urinary and nervous systems. Interestingly, it was not used as a cardiovascular herb in Western Medicine until around 1900 (I go into that in depth in the Materia Medica you may have sent you, see below) . However, it still excels as a revitalizing agent for the heart and circulation, and as a guide to cardiac medicine.

Trees And Plants Used In Witchcraft

You can learn a lot about the heart through working with Hawthorn, on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic.

For that reason, I allow myself a little more forgiveness to combine Hawthorn and heart with words. Jim McDonald calls Hawthorn “The Prototype Heart Herb,” ​​and I think that’s a great way to refer to this plant.

Well, I’m still a clinical herbalist, and I love herbs as a medicine, for sure. But as I sat down to write about Hawthorn, I was intrigued to explore other aspects of this herb.

Why? Well, mainly because although things like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and fast heart rate are absolutely rampant in modern society, so are trauma, wounds, and emotional pain. Heartbreak and heartbreak also happen and often.

Herbs In September — Hackney Herbal

I have an article about how Hawthorn has become a so-called “heart herb” in clinical practice (because it is surprising that Hawthorn has not historically been used as a heart herb). . Check out this post for my own personal Materia Medica and more on Hawthorn in action.

My sincere hope is that you are inspired to delve into the herbs that call you into your own story, into your own body, into your own healing.

When an herb harvest enters our day and arrives in our home, everyone in my family becomes more attuned to that plant.

The kids and I brooded over the hawthorn fruit for weeks. We walked two hawthorns down the street and nibbled on the sweet flesh, considering the rock-hard rabbits inside.

Impressive Health Benefits Of Hawthorn Berry

We listen to birds and squirrels gnawing, and the crunch of berries as the tree’s heavy arms drop them over car roofs and sidewalks.

All week, though, Wolfie has been looking out the window a little sad, or sitting in the yard saying, “I wish

There was a hawthorn tree”. I know there are trees nearby, trees that we see almost every day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wish they were closer. And when you’re 4 years old, a block seems so far away.

It’s funny how we eat these berries all day for weeks, but we feel a little sad because we don’t have our own tree to hang out with all day? You think all that brooding and harvesting will satisfy your desire to connect.

Celtic Month Of Hawthorne: May 13

It made me feel fully expressed, centered on the ribcage but still had an open flow it created. My hands and feet feel a little warmer. My head feels like it’s alive again.

Medly Hawthorn helps to regulate the vagus nerve and nourish the heart and open the blood vessels from head to toe, from the center to the periphery.

It opens for me, and takes me deep, and then takes me out. It feels like there’s a whole world to this plant.

It also got me thinking about how this was a Fairy tree and how it was a getaway to the hidden realms.

Hawthorn: Benefits, Side Effects, And Preparations

In magic, it is an herb of purification and cleansing. Medically, it clears the arteries, and it is believed by the Chinese to clear phlegm from the heart that can cause insomnia, anxiety, lack of concentration and mental sluggishness, and in Chinese medicine. Quoc helps digest heavy things.

When I started working with Hawthorn, my husband led a “purge” life to get rid of some things that didn’t sit right with him. He then had a complete 180 with several personal projects that he kept in his heart. He’s ready to invest in his true passion – and begin a major overhaul of his creative space in the basement. Cleanse, purify, connect with your passion…reminds me of Hawthorn.

Then I started working with someone with a history of heart problems related to burnout – oh, that’s definitely Hawthorn (I got that sign from Finley Ellingwood which you can see on Michael Moore’s website, and I cover it in Materia Medica).

She went through sleep regression at age two and changed her overall identity as she began to see herself as less of a child and more of a child. During this early two-year period, the child and the primary caregiver (usually the mother) become a little more separate because the child sees himself or herself as a “self” rather than a unit with the mother/primary caregiver. of them (although this change does not fully occur until after 3).

Hawthorn: Fierce & Gentle Protectress Of The Heart — Gathering Ground

This made both of us a little more poignant and personal as we were in the weaning phase (like 4 months old) but really in the weaning process. Yet another level of identity will change for both of us, and physically, is entirely related to the heart and ribcage.

During change, development, awareness or otherwise, caregivers often end up doing a lot of holding, caring, rocking, etc. because children have an increasing need for closeness. The child holds their source of stability to resist change.

She’s holding on tight, okay. Like a thing that hugs my neck all day, and wants to sleep on my chest. After a while, my weak upper body started to hurt quite a bit. Very painful. I eventually developed a headache. After three days, the headache threatened to become a migraine.

I did a lot of self-care and acupuncture, used a variety of herbs internally and externally (hello, Hypericum oil), and meditated on my own body to manage pain.

A Witch’s Glossary Of Herbs

That night she woke up, crying. Of course, she just wanted a mother. I wanted to be there for her, but I felt as if the migraine had been around forever. It’s increasing with every second I hold her.

I got bored. I gathered up and said I wanted to be there for her and I wanted my pain to go away. I want to fulfill my desire to comfort my child right now, and I don’t want the usual parenting needs to hurt me.

Let me tell you, I don’t feel entitled to let my pain “go away” just by saying it. Nothing.

Over the years, I have spent over 500 days in a debilitating state of dysmenorrhea alone and I KNOW there is NO will or desire or prayer for the pain to go away.

The Healing Properties Of Roses

What gives me hope is that I have had experience with migraines in the past that converted by non-physical methods. Migraines often have an ancestral taste to me, and one of the first times I met my ancestors during the worst migraine of my life, they guided me through it. They have helped me become a mother before. This has to do with motherhood, so maybe this headache will react similarly?

For a moment, I thought of a fine white cloud, followed by a mist. Through the mist, a pretty white-robed girl walked up.

She took me to a hawthorn grove. It is stacked with Hawthorn trees on the street from which I harvest and connect, as if they were a gateway. Ripe thorny branches laden with dark red fruit, bark lined up along the trunk and zigzag branches. Its presence spills over into my present moment. And in what felt like a few minutes of soothing aching muscles in my chest, neck and shoulders

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