Magickal Uses For Hawthorn Berries

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My approach to working with plants is one of ‘Nutrition’, a symbiotic relationship of giving to each other. They nurture us and we nurture them in return. They are always there to guide and heal, when times are tough and illness strikes, but I prefer the approach of daily nourishment from plants, not just calling them when a “cure” is needed.

Magickal Uses For Hawthorn Berries

Hawthorn is such a magical tree, and I believe that, as with all plants, some of the deepest and most healing gifts they can give us come not only from their physical properties, but also from life lessons, their historical relationships with our ancestors and their energy medicine.

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A perfect example of this is how Hawthorn has long been celebrated by our ancestors for its ability to connect the real material with the spiritual realm. So why is it known to be sacred to the Fae and why one of the popular names for Hawthorn berries is ‘Pixie Pears’, I’ve also read that depending on where you are in the UK rose hips are too they’re known by the same name which is exciting because we normally harvest them at the same time so all of our daily food becomes ‘Provisions From The Pixies’ both Roses and Hawthorn are heart healers so this makes perfect sense to me.

Two plants, from the same family, that over time have brought so much joy and comfort to people through connection and heart-based practice.

A single, free-standing hawthorn tree is also known as a “Fairy Tree” because it is a portal to the spirit realm, and a personal connection to these trees will help nurture your connection to the other worlds.

We have one outside our kitchen window, hugging the river bank, she is tall, covered in moss, and her branches weep in such a way that she looks like she has the most beautiful hair.

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In folklore, witches were believed to turn themselves into hawthorn trees, and if I could turn myself into a tree as beautiful as her, I would. She is magical, and I like to think that she is one of the many witches who, like me, have blessed our beautiful home over the years.

We have taken up the tradition of celebrating it by decorating it with wish/prayer ribbons on special occasions. This is something every town would once have done, especially around Beltane. Every time we visit a new country town I live in hope that this tradition is still going strong somewhere, I have seen plenty of yew wishing trees but no hawthorn yet. .

Hawthorns love is magical, and their magic is LOVE, highly associated with romance, fertility, and commitment. I promise to share more about that with you another day, but its physical healing ability of the heart is why I have shared the ketchup recipe with you today. Finding different ways to include plants in your daily meals is the best fun!

I am sad to say that the “hearts” on both sides of my family have not been as strong as they should have been. I know we are not alone in this, it seems we are now a society of anxious beings desperately looking for ways to rebuild our delicate hearts. Recurrent heart defects, heart attacks and genetic cholesterol imbalances in my family mean that “on paper” my heart is “high risk” and therefore I make sure mine is fed daily, and the Hawthorns beautiful heart strengthening medicine is my best friend. Wicca Or Hoodoo Herb Spell Kit

The antioxidant compounds found in the flowers, leaves, and berries of hawthorn mean that it is a beautiful way to treat various heart conditions, and it is best of all taken regularly as a preventative.

Strengthening of blood vessels and collagen in the body which allows it to heal coronary artery damage and valve deficiency. Hawthorn also lowers unhealthy cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Berries are nervous, calming, and relaxing, and both the berries and flowers can be used to help with anxiety, fear conditions, and pain. When you’re in pieces, Hawthorn holds your heart in his hands and slowly but surely puts you back together.

The hawthorn berry recipe I’ve shared below is more of a warm, tangy, sweet condiment than a traditional ketchup, but it’s delicious and a hearty treat. It’s very sweet but it’s made without refined sugar, so it’s almost guilt-free.

Hawthorn: The Heart Healer

This recipe is enough for a small jar, you can make more, it just depends on how bountiful your hawthorn berry harvest was.

I have adapted this recipe from the wonderful ‘Gather Victoria’, with what we had growing up/and in our pantry. I hope you can do the same and let us know how it goes so we can start a hawthorn ketchup recipe club!

We believe that learning and healing from plants is our birthright, a memory. What was second nature to our ancestors becomes a liberating and empowering form of self-healing. If we heal ourselves, we heal the nature from which we come.

Plants are our oldest and wisest ancestors, and we hope that by sharing the journey of our own wanderings along the path of plants, you can take steps towards yours.

Organic Hawthorn Berry Tea

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Get together for a magical and uplifting cup of hawthorn spiced apple cider to mend our metaphorical hearts in times of great sadness and pain.

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They say the proverbial veil is thinnest this time of year. The trees are losing their glorious foliage, and the remaining sun casts long shadows on the leafy ground. It is a time of letting go. It is a time of great cooling. It is a time when we must recognize the nature of things and, in doing so, we must consider death.

A series of major tragedies and natural disasters, as well as the recent passing of a friend, instilled in me the solemn nature of seasonality and the importance of coming together as an act of healing. I write about the benefits of plants in the physical sense quite often. But what about the metaphorical heart? I am so grateful to work with Mountain Rose Herbs to bring you a message of healing and hope, even when our days and hearts may be dark and full of sadness.

Whether or not you observe any remnants of “old ways” and ancient spiritual traditions, autumn bears the unmistakable face of death and loss in its fading light. Frost casts a ghostly paleness over the landscape. Trees shed their leaves. Grasses become dormant. Even the berries and fruit on the branches and vines eventually darken and drop. It is a time when the botanical world seeks solace from the earth and descends into a great sleep. A metaphor for mortality if ever there was one.

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Autumn is also a time of gathering and provisioning. Perhaps modern society is so far removed from the very acts of harvesting and hunting that our beings long for a sense of self-sufficiency and fulfillment. Technology, convenience, and commerce make those instincts obsolete. Maybe that’s why I see frantic behaviors: cranky moms on the playground (in the mirror), distracted dads, people driving too fast, people hoarding too much. Our basic instincts are being ignored. It’s weird and strange, even though we’ve never really known anything different.

Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) has a long history of association with the physical heart. But far beyond that is the hawthorn fable and folklore that tells me much about this special, if not sacred, tree and its flowers, leaves and berries, even its thorns. There are hundreds of magic-rich threads spun upon the mythical and revered hawthorn, some that resonate deep and deep with me.

Hawthorn, also known as hawthorn, is associated with the ancient Roman Cardea, goddess of the hinge,