Native American Nutritionals Essential Oils

Native American Nutritionals Essential Oils – This essential oil company profile is a two-for-one deal. I originally contacted the owner, Paul Dean, regarding Native American Nutrients, and soon learned that they had recently merged with Rocky Mountain Oils. In fact, although he said he was sending me the oil from Native American Nutritional (aka: NAN), the labels on the bottles I received said “Rocky Mountain Oil”. At first I was confused by it, and I’ve seen people confused about it in aromatherapy Facebook groups as well. Of course, I asked Paul questions about this, and hopefully that clears it up for everyone.

I received free products from Native American Nutritional and Rocky Mountain Oils to write a comprehensive company profile that includes my personal experience with the oils/products. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click one of the affiliate links, Marvi Moms will receive a percentage of any sales. It does not affect the amount you will pay for an item or service and does not in any way change the opinions expressed by Marvy Moms or Marvy Moms authors. For more information, see the Marvy Moms Disclosure Policy.

Native American Nutritionals Essential Oils

When I sent Paul Dean an oil wishlist, his response was: “I like Roman chamomile and most women like neroli, so I’ll send you 5 ml of those and some 1st distilled peppermint.” I wasn’t sure I’d like Roman Chamomile since German isn’t one of my favorites, but I was grateful to get something off my wishlist that I hadn’t yet experienced. There is something about this particular combination of oils that I absolutely love! I would keep them in their own separate container for as long as I could (until I ran out of room in all my other containers) and go to my fridge and open the container to sniff them together. I didn’t even have to open the bottles, just grab a box and get a dose of happiness for the day. These are definitely going in the mix together, and the next chance I get I’ll buy a new container to keep these three separate.

Airome Spiced Amaretto Essential Oil Blend

I have a few different peppers and I have to say this is probably my favorite. Maybe it’s because of the pairing with Roman Chamomile and Neroli, but I really like it. Paul Dean sent me some sample chapters from his unpublished book and here is an excerpt regarding peppermint:

“Purity Test: Here’s a simple test for you. We’ve found that almost every company that claims to sell therapeutic essential oils fails this test. If you buy their peppermint oil and smell it However, high-quality peppermint oil, such as eucalyptus globulus, has an herbal color. If your current essential oil supplier sells peppermint oil that has a sharp, crisp, minty smell, you may be dealing with adulterated or low-quality peppermint. are buying

Large corporate distillers distill mint differently than distillers for purity and healing properties. Rather than trying to extract as much oil as possible from the peppermint plant, a distiller who cares about medicinal properties will distill their mint in stages. It produces different grades of oil. Only the first low pressure distillation of peppermint oil by a natural practitioner should be classified as therapeutic quality. This low pressure, low temperature distillation produces a herbal undertone smell as well as preserves as much of the “life force energy” as possible. (See Chapter 3 for more information on Life Force Energy.) Peppermint oil that is redistilled, altered, adulterated, or distilled at high pressure produces a finer, sharper, lower quality oil. Will yield oil which is mostly used for food or fragrance.

Email response: “We are very dedicated to doing this and helping healers stay legally safe in their use.”

Essential Oil Company Owned By A Registered Aromatherapist: Aromaceuticals

Our primary target market is people who are already familiar with essential oils who are looking for the highest quality, you know the best, biggest bang for their buck.

The average person who doesn’t know about essential oils probably isn’t going to buy from us because they’re less expensive than the local health food store adulterated with propylene glycol or something like that. They are usually people who have already experienced essential oils and are looking to do something better.

It is a very interesting industry. If you think of it like a car, there is a difference between buying a $10,000 economy car and a $1,000,000 sports car. Yes they all have four wheels and a steering wheel and can get you from point A to point B, but each one has a completely different driving experience. We are high class. Even low-end oils are going to get you good results. I’ve had people who used oils that tried 80% propylene glycol, but they still say, “But it helps me, it helps me.” Essential oils are so powerful, that even in small, tiny amounts, mixed with all kinds of additives, you’re going to get benefits from them.

I am in the process of writing a book. More for the average person who doesn’t know much about oil. Maybe they’ve tried a couple, but want to go more specific. We are also moving forward to make some videos. I’m going to go around to different farms and shoot distillations. People can chat with us on the web. We don’t mind pointing people in the right direction. If someone wants to answer specific questions, you know, “Hey, I have stage 4 cancer, what can I do?” There are things that I can do as a Native American medicine man, so we can get into very specific things, but I have to do it in a way that is not business specific. I can talk to people about their health, not as a doctor, but as a doctor. So usually if someone really needs to go in and get heavy counseling, I’ll call them at night and we’ll sit down and have a little chat about where they want to go in their health and what they want to do . But to be very specific that I am not a doctor, but I am a medicine man and as a medicine man I am going to tell you this and share it with you. Just because of how ridiculous the laws are.

Aroma Blends– Aroma Health Texas

I will tell you how ridiculous the laws are. There have been some interesting changes in the laws over the last decade, and where the laws really sit right now is if I were to come to your house and it’s a summer day, and you open the door and go “Wow! You Feeling hot, sit in front of the air conditioner and cool yourself down.” If I do, you have only committed three crimes. You diagnosed, “Wow! I look hot!”, you said, “Come and sit in front of the air conditioner and cool yourself down.” And you really treated me by doing that. You’re looking at three felonies and basically going to prison for the rest of your life, if they wanted to. People say “Oh they’d never do that, it’s just ridiculous!” We have more ridiculous things and it all comes down to money. I know a friend of mine, he was a naturopathic doctor and he only treated stage 4 AIDS or cancer patients. Only in stage 4, the doctors shut them down by giving them the status of death. “If you stick with me you’ll be dead in the next eight months.” Basically. He would only treat those people and they were recovering and were cured. And the medical establishment followed him and shut him down because he was taking away their business. And we hear all kinds of these horror stories.

It’s good to be safe and keep it. Where are the laws and if you’re a massage therapist and you’re using essential oil on your client, if you’re using it for therapeutic purposes, “Why? What does lavender do?” “Well it helps you relax.” guess what? You have just committed a crime. So, we are not only about education, but we also try to guide people who are professionals, who want extra protection. We will direct them to a place where they can be legally protected and legally covered so that they are not harmed. You simply become a member of a Native American church and become a medicine man. The simple way to do this is to go to and there you can sign up and be adopted, but before you can legally do anything, you have to become a medical person. . It is not very difficult to do. And then you can practice your medicine according to what you have been trained in. So if you are trained in massage therapy, you can do this. You can’t go out and do it