Nature’s Sunshine En Espanol Hawthorn Berries

Nature’s Sunshine En Espanol Hawthorn Berries – N-X is an herbal blend that supports the immune and digestive systems. It helps maintain microbiological balance and internal tissue health, and it supports proper elimination.

Goldenseal supports the immune system and helps maintain a more hospitable environment for microbiological balance. Black walnut husks are prized for their cleansing properties. Marshmallow root (also known as althea root) contains mucilage that supports mucosal health. Historically, Parthenium was used similarly to Echinacea for immune system support. Bananas help maintain internal tissue.

Nature’s Sunshine En Espanol Hawthorn Berries

Black Walnut Hulls, Echinacea Purpurea Aerial Parts, Marshmallow Root, Plantain Leaf, Goldensal Root Extract, Parthenium Aerial Parts & Root

Nature’s Sunshine Licorice Root Extract

Fight low grade infections with IN-X. IN-X contains Echinacea and Parthenium, two immune-boosting herbs, along with alkaloidal bitter goldenseal and aromatic bitter black walnut.

Formulated by renowned herbalist, Dr. John Christopher, IN-X is an excellent blend for lymph node infection. The herbs in IN-X improve the immune system, decongest the lymphatic system, reduce swollen lymph nodes and promote the elimination of toxins.

IN-X helps the body fight chronic colds, infectious diseases, sore throats, prostate inflammation, kidney infections, bronchitis, fevers and bacterial infections.

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