Parasympathetic Hawthorn Berries

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Parasympathetic Hawthorn Berries

It’s May again in Ireland, and despite COVID 19, the rise of spring remains a comforting constant. The morning chorus of birds is in full swing and the meadows and back gardens are bursting with spring flowers and a kaleidoscope of rich greens.

Nature’s Way Hawthorn Berries

One of my favorite May flowers has also just bloomed – the gorgeous ‘Hawthorn Tree’ Crataegus oxyacantha. Hawthorn is rooted in folklore on the Isle of Eire. Considered a popular hangout for our fairy friends and guardians of earth and underworld.

Affectionately referred to as the “bread and butter” as children would supplement their diet on their way to school by roasting the young fresh leaves, which indeed still make a delicious addition to spring salads or sandwich fillers! Rich in chlorophyll and vitamin C, you should try a leaf the next time you pass one of these gorgeous trees.

That’s why we choose to have our “handfasting” ceremony as part of our marriage vows under the hawthorn tree in beautiful Bridget’s Garden, Rosscahill, Galway 9 years ago to this very day ☺️💓

A symbol of fertility and unity, it embodies all the elements of a sacred alchemical marriage where true partnership and love can abound.

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A fusion of feminine and masculine (flowers are bisexual) principles that allow for the expansion of the core elements of a committed and stable relationship. Loving attention, empathy and tenderness; food and nutrition.

From a herbal perspective, Hawthorn is our ally in all things heart and circulatory. Both the flower and the berry are traditionally used.

Rich in flavonoids, phenolic acids and tannins; Hawthorn berries help increase blood flow through the heart. It’s what we call an adaptogen, which means it balances and helps us adapt to more stress on our system. It tones and strengthens the heart muscle without increasing heart rate or blood pressure, making it useful for both high and low blood pressure. It also has an amazing ability to optimize the uptake of oxygen available in the blood, which makes it very valuable for athletes to increase the duration of training.

The flowers are great for treating anxiety, stress and mental tension, having a very positive regulatory effect on the parasympathetic nervous system (which we talked about in our first newsletter). It is also very helpful during times of mourning and when experiencing a “broken heart”.

Hawthorn Berries, Dried

It amazes me that the phenomenal qualities of this hawthorn are all qualities that we have had to embody in these last weeks.

We have been asked to develop resilience in very difficult times. We have had to develop compassion and unity under the most dire circumstances. We have chosen to adapt and use our internal and external resources to get them where they are most needed.

Above all, we are asked to open our hearts and reach out and truly reflect on the richness of our diversity.

So stop for a moment and take a deep breath when you’re near the hawthorn tree today. Or picture it in your mind.

Hawthorn Berry — Bhava Wellness

Take a moment to reflect and take in its incredible beauty. Select some pages. Make hawthorn flower tea.

Remember that everything you need is within you and we will get through this. With a little help from friends! Hawthorn is such a generous plant. In the spring we have to harvest the leaves, flower buds and flowers. In the fall, the berries are ripe, and the adjacent leaves are also included in my harvest.

This post is my personal Hawthorn Materia Medica and a condensed summary of its use, history, medicinal uses (and a bit of other uses) in both the West and East.

I hope this inspires you to both take some time to learn about this plant, visit an old friend if you are already familiar, and create your own Hawthorn Materia Medicia that works for you.

Stop And Smell The Hawthorn: A Mountain Biker’s Guide To Nature

An herbalist and I were talking about clinical herbs once and out of the blue he said, “I’m so glad you’re a clinical herbalist and not one of those woo-woo herbalists who thinks you can take 3 drops of hawthorn tinctures and get drunk. heart opening”.

Well, he was wrong. I also use this plant for medicinal and spiritual healing. What can I say, I’m a Gemini sun and I can embrace duality.

Nor is it pleasant to abandon anyone’s herbal approach. Herbalism is not for everyone. There is also no medicine and healing.

Hawthorn is probably one of my main spiritual allies, acting as a guide in the soul realm, especially with attachment wounds and soul piece retrieval.

November 2020 Natural Awakenings Chicago Magazine By Natural Awakenings Chicago Magazine

Hawthorn is without a doubt one of my favorite herbs to help with cardiac issues such as palpitations, circulation, fatigue, restlessness reflected in the chest and digestive tract.

On the mental-emotional front, I find Hawthorn useful for improving focus when the mind feels cloudy and uncertain, and for holding space for confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

Because I find Hawthorn so useful, I have this Hawthorn Materia Medica as well as a separate post on the spiritual use of Hawthorn.

This Hawthorn Materia Medicia site features photos of hawthorn flowers, while hawthorn berries are photographed for a post on the spiritual uses of hawthorn.

Hawthorn (crataegus) Extract

I also have a few posts that include hawthorn in tea blends and formulations, most notably this tea I call Day 1 Circulation Tea with Yarrow, Mother Tea, and more. I also have another Hawthorn Tea Blend blog post next week and a Rose Hawthorn Elixir recipe coming up soon 🙂

If you would like to download this Hawthorn Materia Medica in PDF format, click here and it will be emailed to you.

SUMMARY: Nutritional tonic for the heart and circulatory system, physically and emotionally stabilizes the heart, supports the heart, digestion, periphery and mind

INGREDIENTS: condensed tannins (oligomeric procyanidins, polyphenol), flavonoid glycosides (rutin, quercitrin), cyanogenic glycosides, amines, catechols, triterpenic acids, sterols, purines, saponins

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Hawthorn is used as an essential balancing and nourishing heart tonic herb, but this has not always been the case.

Around 50 AD, Dioscorides wrote that hawthorn berries were used to treat diarrhea and menorrhagia. Other texts repeated these uses, as well as about kidney stones. It was not known as the so-called “heartweed”.

The most cardiac-related indication historically was drop or left heart failure. It was used in cooking at least until the Middle Ages to aid the digestibility of meat (echoing Chinese usage).

Eclectic physician Finley Ellingwood wrote in his 1918 materia medica that hawthorn had been used with great success as a heart remedy since another physician wrote a “letter to the editor” in an 1896 medical journal about its merits. This published letter, and Ellingwood’s reference to it in his text, increased the popularity of the plant, which eventually led to the accumulation of much research on its effects, which in turn led to even more widespread use.

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It was a new medical use for so many and you can feel the excitement and wonder in the cases and stories. When a new application of the herb is needed, it will come.

Here are some quotes from his text on Hawthorn showing its use – you can find them on Michael Moore’s website

“Those who have since used the remedy consider it to be a real cardiac tonic and restorative, capable of an immediate soothing and strengthening effect on that organ, thereby improving the circulation and increasing the oxygenation of the blood. “I have prescribed it for weakness of the heart. with valvular noises, great labored respirations, constant gasping breathing, accompanying neurasthenia, or nervous debility, arising in youth, from violent overwork, or prolonged extreme nervous tension. The results of a sudden collapse, in every respect similar to other cases of neurasthenia. “It has a general curative effect on the functional activity of the central nervous system; on every part of the circulatory system; on the urinary organs and metabolic processes. It dispels gloomy forebodings, increases strength, regulates the action of the heart, produces general well-being. In its mental effects he [another physician] thinks that sees a similarity with the action of pulsatilla, and very often prescribes both remedies together. Fine Ellingwood

In studies, berries reduced hypertension associated with arteriosclerosis and chronic nephritis. “Clinical studies of the flowers have shown significant improvements in heart patients, especially in cases of mitral stenosis and the aging heart” (Mills). Hawthorn is useful for all types of palpitations.

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Hawthorn has many pharmacological effects that help it to be a true heart tonic. It has cyanogenic glycosides, which are sedative because they increase parasympathetic (aka Vagal) cardiac tone, generally slowing/calming the heart.

Flavonoid and tannin