Where Can I Buy Hawthorn Berries

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) is a tree that grows in temperate regions of the world, including Europe and the eastern United States. Common names include English hawthorn, maytree, maybush, whitethorn, and hawberry. member of the rose family (

Where Can I Buy Hawthorn Berries

. Throughout history, hawthorn trees have enjoyed a wide variety of ceremonial uses. It was used in both Greek and Irish wedding blessings and was considered to protect against evil for newborns. Hawthorne is famous for Maypole at Beltane/May Day celebrations. Throughout history, it has been traditionally used as a tonic to support a healthy heart, earning it the nickname “heart herb.” *

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Energetic, hawthorn is considered slightly warm, sweet and sour. It is also considered to help support spiritual and emotional health linked to a happy mind. * Many parts of this tree have been used, with leaves, flowers and fruits resembling crabapples. Chemical constituents include oligomeric procyanidins (procyanidin B-2, epicatechin, catechin), flavonoids (kaempferol, quercetin, apigenin, luteolin, rutin), amines (phenylethylamine, tyramine, choline) and various anthocyanidins .

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Welcome guests! Join Nature’s Answer top quality supplements and herbal extracts. Save your cart, save products for later, get exclusive discounts and more! Register Already a customer? Sign Hawthorn has a long history in traditional Western herbal medicine and is loved for its heart-friendly properties. red fruit of

It has been an ingredient in jams, wines, cordials and candies for centuries. Hawthorn, belonging to the Rosaceae family, is a large shrub covered with sharp thorns. Fruits sometimes spelled hawthorne are considered fully ripe before the first frosts in the fall. Hawthorn berries are often soaked in herbal vinegars and syrups, infused asosson tea, or used in tinctures.

Hawthorn leaves, flowers and berries have been admired for centuries for their heart-lifting properties. Believed to uplift and strengthen the physical and mental heart, hawthorn has also been revered for ceremonial and spiritual purposes because it supports healthy cardiovascular function. The flavorful red berries have been used in candies, jams, jellies, wines and cordials and are widely available in a variety of forms as a dietary supplement.

A prickly shrub or tree, consisting of a hard-stemmed tree and gray bark, often with trifoliate leaves and white flowers, similar to other genera of the Rosaceae, and bearing bright red fruits. About 280 species are known, some of which are used in traditional medicine and can be used interchangeably. Generally,

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It is a combination of the Greek words ‘kratos’ meaning hard, meaning hard, oxcus meaning ‘sharp’, and ‘akantha’ meaning thorn. In several European countries, particularly Germany, hawthorn is used as a hedge, and ‘hawthorn’ is an older term for ‘hedge’. This shrub was also called ‘Hundred Thorn’ because of its light bark.

Most hawthorn grown for commercial purposes is obtained from the United Kingdom and other countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, the former Yugoslavia and Poland. All parts (leaf, twigs, thorns, flowers) can be used for fresh tincture, so collect the blossoming branches in the spring. Or, if dry, discard the stems and thorns. Berries are best harvested in the fall and before the first frosts when they are fully ripe.

Hawthorn has been in use since the Middle Ages, and some accounts date back to the Greek herbalist Dioscorides as far back as the 1st century. It was later used by the Swiss physician Paracelsus (1493-1541 CE). Considered a particularly symbolic tree, with many folktales and magical myths surrounding it, the hawthorn was a “sacred tree medicine” to ancient druids, and is said to have invited fairies into their homes, especially when grown alongside oak and ash trees. But bringing flowers home was out of luck. Perhaps because they will bring the fairy people. Hawthorn branches and flowers were included in wedding wreaths, a symbol of purity and prosperity, at Greek weddings, and were also used to decorate altars to the worship of the goddess of marriage, Hymen. In Ireland, couples wishing for the blessing of hawthorns dance around hawthorn trees at weddings. It was attached to the cradle of a newborn baby to protect the young twigs from evil and was also used to decorate the maypole for Mayday or Beltane ceremonies to celebrate fertility and rebirth. The flowering of this tree coincided with the first day of summer, which occurred in May.

In traditional European medicine, every part of the tree (leaf, fruit, flower, tree) was highly valued and utilized. The flowers have been used as a heart tonic and diuretic, and the berries and leaves are made as an astringent tea to soothe the throat. The bright red luxurious berries are also made with delicious brandy cordials. Wood was also carved into small objects such as boxes and combs and burned as fuel to create very hot wood fires.

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Hawthorn or ‘shanzha’ has been used in the TCM since ancient times, although most historical use has been associated with digestion until recently. Associated with the spleen, stomach, and liver meridians, it is considered energetically slightly warm and reflects both sweet and sour. It is now also used to support the cardiovascular system and is actually popular in China enough to make berries from hawthorn candy similar to ‘fruit roll-ups’ in the West.

Hawthorn is considered an excellent heart tonic by many herbalists. However, the effects on the heart vary. Many people believe that hawthorn also has changes in the emotional or spiritual mind. Herbalist Matthew Becker suggests that hawthorn is especially helpful for women with “broken hearts” who “feel hurt and hurt.” Often flowers and leaves are made with floral essences to address this type of emotional problem. Hawthorn is energetically slightly warm and the taste is considered to be both sour and sweet.

Note Be aware that hawthorn berries can sometimes develop a white film on the berries. This is a natural sucrose that matures in the outer skin. It is recommended that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products. This is especially true if you are pregnant, lactating, or taking medications.

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