Wildcrafting Hawthorn Berries

Wildcrafting Hawthorn Berries – Intensive Wild Harvest ~ Hawthorn Berries (Sandpoint, ID) Hawthorn, the “all will be well” herb is needed now more than ever!

This intensive work is intended for those who want to dive deep into everything related to the assistant and is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. No prior knowledge or experience with herbs is necessary! We will spend the day identifying and learning all about hawthorn, proper harvest time and techniques, and making remedies galore!

Wildcrafting Hawthorn Berries

Common knowledge says that helping is “good for the heart”. What does that even mean? We will delve into the components of the plant to learn the “why and how” hawthorn helps with our anatomy and physiology to improve the health of not only the cardiovascular system, but also the nervous system. We will discuss the use of hawthorn to treat anxiety and panic attacks and relieve the effects of stress. Because azarenine has a strong calming effect on the central nervous system, it is especially helpful for those going through life transitions and dealing with grief. Hawthorn’s polyphenols also help regulate blood glucose levels.

Hawthorne Berry Syrup

Students will have the opportunity to pick hawthorn and create medicinals that “deliver the medicine to people in ways they will enjoy taking, so that healing can be effected” – elixir, tincture, oxymel, vinegar and/or honey with infusion.

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Workshop refund policy: Refunds will be gladly given minus a 20% processing fee up to 14 days before a community workshop. We have a no-refund policy for cancellations 14 days or less before a workshop and for no-shows. Exceptions cannot be made. Thank you for understanding. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before registering. About Hawthorn Plus: Hawthorn speaks to the human heart, and shares a botanical family with the most well-known heart herb, rose. The Rosaceae family also includes apples, almonds, raspberries and plums. These foods all deeply support the cardiovascular system. As an herb, hawthorn is food-like in nature and rich in flavonoids, not unlike blueberries. and can be included daily for someone looking for long or short term cardiovascular support. Hawthorn supports healthy heart muscle function, general blood circulation and cognitive function.

This powerful blend of leaves, flowers and berries is prepared fresh from biodynamically cultivated trees that give the courage to stand tall and live with a warm, stable and open heart. Hawthorn Plus helps comfort us when we feel vulnerable, tender-hearted or grief-stricken. Hawthorn’s energy encourages us to take care of ourselves, our relationships with others and the bigger picture of life. Help to calm and restore the emotional heart, reduce grief and nervousness, and facilitate us to rest and restore deeper as needed.

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Garden Notes: This special blend of hawthorn flowers, leaves and berries is hand picked on our farm. The concentration of the three parts of the plant together, while they are fresh, makes this extract extremely effective and powerful. A large hedge of long trees surrounds the temple garden in our biodynamic farm. In June, we hand-pick the white flowers, beloved by honey bees, and immediately dissolve them in organic alcohol. In October, with the help of long pruning poles, we collect baskets full of red hawthorn berries, which stand out immediately in organic alcohol.

When to reach for it: Consider daily use for a period of time to support the heart (physical and emotional), nervous system and mood. This herb is considered a wonderful long-term tonic for those who have family members who wish to support their heart health and keep blood pressure already in a healthy range. A good ally for travel, weddings, funerals and other rites of passage. Delightful in combination with lemon balm to encourage focus and concentration.

Safety Considerations: Consult your doctor if you have a serious heart condition, are taking heart medication, or are pregnant.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Hawthorn Berries / Berry Dried Crushed Wildcrafted Tea (crataegus Monogyna)

Avena Botanicals makes herbal products using fresh, organic and biodynamic herbs. We believe that these vital plants and a sacred connection to place promote health of body, mind and spirit and encourage humans to be conscious and loving stewards of the planet. Our herbs are harvested by hand in the spirit of joy and processed immediately at our production facility on site in Brockport, Maine. All of our herbal products are handmade and will always be done in this artistic way. After more than three decades in business, we remain committed to offering the highest quality of traditionally formulated herbal products.

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My hawthorn berries are growing plump and red at the top of this 5,000-foot mountain, and I’m still in the lowlands, only 3,000 feet in elevation, strapping thick hiking boots to my feet and pulling on canvas gloves before the dawn dew.

Hawthorn Herb Extract

Harvest day has finally arrived, and Burdock, the Bernese mountain dog, knows it just as well as I do. Last year, around hawthorn harvest time, I caught him sneaking fruit hanging low from the tree while I was picking. I thought, “What a great example of zoopharmacognosy!” Because first, it’s a wonderful word to think out loud to himself, and second, because really, as an animal, he has this vital canine instinct about what’s best for him. With a purebred mountain dog father, he has a genetic predisposition to heart problems, the very thing that the adjuvant cures so reliably. And did he know it, when he poked his long furry snout undisturbed into the undergrowth and nibbled at the berries? I think so.

We climb steadily towards the ridge dominated by the helpers, Bardock with his rucksack and me with mine, both of us stopping to drink from one of the seven springs we pass along the way. We’re both in various states of dumbass as we climb higher, collecting hundreds of tick seeds and agramonia beams, him in his tail and me in my mane, both avoiding the falls and sweating a little in the cool September climate.

All year we watched the assistants. The tree of May, they bloom bursts of white delight in late spring, under which fairies are said to dream in old Gaelic traditions. When they were in full bloom, I gently cut some of the pink flowers and leaves, which would be prepared into a sweet, flavonoid-rich solution for capillaries in need and vessels that want it.

Hawthorn is in the rose and apple family, and it’s obvious: the flowers mimic ornamental and ceramic roses while the seeds hold the same toxic snow-white compound as their fruity cousins: cyanide. In my understanding, it’s about as big a deal to consume hawthorn as it is to eat an apple. Strain or spit out the seeds, and you’re good to go.

Hawthorn Berry Heart

Their medicine is sweet, tonic and red, astringent and full of life, bioavailable to the cardiovascular system and generous in antioxidants. Hawthorn compounds are used to create pharmaceutical cardiac drugs, and they have been praised for their safety, efficacy and lack of herbal drug contraindications. They are considered an adaptogen for the heart, with the same phyto-mystical ability to lower blood pressure or raise it as needed, helping the heart area of ​​the body do its best job of pumping, distributing and nourishing the blood.

The berries are early this year, and so must I be. Hawthorne does not wait for insignificant naturalists to come and pick, nor the black bears that roam this region, nor the dark-eyed juncos that flutter to catch the topmost berries that glitter crimson in the light. Hawthorne doesn’t care if I have orders to fill and eager buyers of berries 3000 feet below his roots and a city and a world.

Here, he was born and watered and goes and pollinates and grows and old and wrinkled and bred here a million berry children. And the pole will continue to live here as long as the mountain keeps it kind, and the reapers only harvest what their baskets can carry, and never more.

We choose hours in the near, high September sun, much closer than usual, and the basket begins to fold and creak under its slowly increasing weight. Or, I choose, and burdock guards us tightly against bears, or, more likely, evil chipmunks

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